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I’m Just a Girl Who Cain’t Say No

Sooner or later I knew my life would turn into a musical. Wasn’t exactly expecting it to be Oklahoma, but whatever. And, as usual, the cosmos has not given me the leading role of the lovely Laurie, but instead I am relegated to quirky side-kick status. But unlike Ado Annie, it’s not men I’m tripping over but volunteer work.

It came to my attention this weekend when I ran around the mall in what I like to call my Goober Suit (there is a reason they a BOY scout uniforms – the women leaders look like idiots in them). I had my arms full of pinewood derby cars and ran into a guy I know peripherally from work. “A woman of many talents,” he said.  No, I told him. Just can’t say no.

We were doing the local Scout-o-Rama, running the pinewood derby race, and it occurred to me as he walked away that, while I had volunteered to fill in where needed, at that moment my name was listed as doing two jobs and I had been promised that hour off to get lunch and show the kid around to the other booths. But there I was running cars back and forth from the registration table to the staging area. A warm body was needed, and I was it.

I do this a lot. Need a job done? Cate’ll do it. Need another committee member? Cate’ll do it. Need a chaperon for the dance? Cate’ll do it. I’m actually on the board of a couple of grants, but I forget all of them.  I am that much of a doormat.

The other day, though, another mother of a special needs child ran into me in the PIzza Hut parking lot. “You really want to be on the Partners in Policymaking board, don’t you?”

“I do?” I asked, trying desperately to think of a way to weasel out of it.

She spent the next few minutes spelling out what they do, how parent advocates work, etc. Sounded like interesting information, but stuff I already know through my job. My job! I had an excuse!

“You know,” I said, breaking it to her gently, “I know my boss wouldn’t object, but I think it might bring up conflict of interest issues.”

Yes, she could see that. I had successfully talked my way off being on another board. Yay! Take that, Ado Annie!

And I have a better singing voice, too.

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Autism Awareness Month

Just a quick post to let you all know about a wonderful program through, of all places, VH1. Go buy this:

Rock Autism Shirt

Support Autism research and get a really cool shirt, to boot. Now how cool is that?

UPDATE: Sorry, I have tried and tried and the stupid link isn’t working right. Go HERE to buy the shirt.

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81,500 words by page count, just over 68K by actual word count. Funny how those two numbers are always so far apart. At any rate, GUYS AND DOGS is done. Or as done as a first draft can get. Now I need to edit it, write a synopsis and a query letter. Sigh… done is so not done. But at least it’s written.

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