Forcast: 70s with a chance of snow.

Yesterday it got up over 70 degrees here. Not unusual for the end of April. Today we’re under a winter storm warning. Last Friday we had a blizzard. Saturday is supposed to be near 80.

Is it any wonder the kids are all getting sick? People don’t know whether to have pneumonia or hay fever.

I grew up in Wyoming, where they say if you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes. Apparently the same is true in South Dakota.

But I do have a minor celebration. One year after the flood, I am officially done with my basement! Put the finishing touches on the bathroom last weekend, and all I need to do now is buy a rug. It’s a done deal! Which means I can move on to the upstairs, which is what I had originally planned to do last summer. Ah, the joys of the local weather.

Yep, I’m whining. And here’s some more:

Evil day job has tapped my energy lately, so I have a total of one scene written on HAPPY MEDIUM. The good news is that it is cranking away in my brain, so if and when I ever do get a chance to sit down and actually write it, at least the first bit should come fairly easily. I hope.

Pics of the new bath coming soon, as well as a taste of HM, I hope. In the meantime, happy spring! But don’t put away those shovels just yet.


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