Happy Mother’s Day

Yes, I’m a day late and a dollar short. Nothing unusual there. But since yesterday was Mother’s Day, I thought I’d check in with my latest parenting revelation.

No, it has nothing to do with discipline or how to let a teenager know you still love him when all he wants to do is slam the door in your face and watch movies. Nope. No such wisdom from me. Instead, I am here strictly to freak out.

My oldest is only one inch shorter than me.

Now this is not saying a lot, I realize, since I ain’t the tallest mountain in the range. However, it adds to the low-level dread I feel whenever I think of him turning 13 in June. Yes, I will be the mother of a teenager. Of course, I really already am (see the door slamming reference above) since the hormones hit a good year ago, but to think I gave birth to my first child 13 years ago! Yes, I feel old now. And before fall I bet I’m looking up at the little snot. Big snot. Whatever.

Which leads to the realization of the inevitable – I am going to be the shortest person in the house very soon. Our second son, when he was three months old, stretched to a height beyond measuring on the doctor’s charts. “I’d say 99th percentile for height,” the pediatrician told me at the time. “If he keeps up like this, six-six or six-seven at adulthood.”

My five-foot-four little self shrunk a little that day. And the third one is just like him. So within five years, I will be looking up at my boys. Good news is I have experience doing that and still looking scary. Had to do it when I was teaching once upon a time; chewed out a six-foot-something teenaged kid who’d just screwed up royally. And somehow I intimidated him. Imagine how scary I can be with thirteen years of parenting under my belt.

Yeah, look at the little elf screaming her head off. That’s me.

In book news, sent out a few more queries last week on LET’S DISH and actually wrote more on HAPPY MEDIUM. With the Evil Day Job not being so evil at the moment, more energy goes to writing. Yay! The bad news? Yard work starts soon. Always something, huh?


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