Random Ramblings – AKA Choppy Thoughts

I’ve been sitting here with a couple drafts on the old blog – nothing gelling enough to make an entire entry.  So I thought I’d put them together and at least post a blog for a change. So here goes – the things that flit through Cate’s head:

Keeping Up with the Joneses

I live in a small town – well, small to me – of about 35,000 people. We’re basically suburbia around here, except there is no real “urbia” to attach ourselves to. People in our brand of suburbia are a little fanatical about their lawns. Not me, mind you. But my neighbors sure are.

In an attempt to not have the worst looking house on the block (all I need is a shelled-out old Chevy to put in the middle), I spent most of Memorial Day weekend doing lawn work – seeding and watering and planting… and making my back ache and my wallet cry out for mercy.  However, one wonderful side effect is that I now have a lovely writing space right next to an outlet, the trickling fountain, and with a umbrella to block out the glare of the sun. And those Off lamps? They totally work. Get one.

Why Netflix is Evil

That lovely little writing spot I have? Yup, also get a great connection to my wireless. So yesterday afternoon when I was “writing” outside, I ended up watching two episodes of The Vicar of Dibley. Wonderful Britcom – I totally recommend it.  Good thing Doctor Who isn’t on there yet, or I would really have been in trouble. Not to mention Torchwood. Oh, the choices are endless!

Why iPods are a Necessary Evil

I am really into evil today, huh? But I am serious about this one. I complain nonstop about the college kids who parade by my office daily blaring music out their headphones loud enough I can hear it. But I purchased an older version of the iPod shuffle on eBay a little more than a year ago with the idea I would listen to it while I exercised. Yes, I know the meaning of the word. Passing familiarity. Anyway, what it ended up doing was saving my life through hours and hours of basement renovations. The poor thing is a little worse for the wear, now – caked with mastic, paint and grout – but still works like a champ. The question is, though,  will I ever be able to use my basement shower without humming the soundtrack to Music and Lyrics?

Ego Boost

Cross your fingers, folks – have a publisher maybe interested in LET’S DISH. I have to admit I was starting to worry about this one. I love it more than anything I’ve ever written, and I wasn’t even getting nibbles on it. Now mind you, this nibble probably won’t lead to a contract, but at least I know I’m still writing full-worthy material. Translation for sane people (a.k.a. nonwriters), a writer submits a partial manuscript first, then waits to be rejected or, if you’re lucky, a request for a full manuscript. This is my first full request in two years. Guess I’m back on the bandwagon! Just in time for the infamous summer slump.


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