My Breaking Point? Chapter Seven.

Progress on LET’S DISH is… well, progressing. I’ve hit chapter seven, made some changes, and now I’m frozen solid. Over one scene.

The editor who read the book liked it pretty well, I think. Otherwise why spend the tremendous time it took her to make such specific notes? So I am right now fighting the urge to tear the whole thing apart and rebuild it from the ground up. After all, she even said that with a few exceptions, I could accomplish what she wanted by adding and not cutting.

So why is one scene giving me such fits? Because it’s riding a line.

The idea is to turn what is essentially a women’s fiction into a romance. That in itself is not a huge issue. Certainly do-able. Just flesh out my hero a little better, meet him a little sooner, and play up the sexual tension that’s already present. But this editor also asked me to make the book more about my MC and the hero, less about her relationships with others. So the scene I am agnoizing over involves her parents. The scene serves a purpose, but I’m not sure it’s a purpose I want to serve anymore. I could replace it with a scene with the hero, but I am questioning whether doing so just shoves him down the reader’s throat. I mean this guy keeps showing up where he’s obviously not wanted. Persistence is one thing, but this guy has got to have the slowest learning curve known to man.  So do I keep the scene, replace the scene, or just crawl into a bottle of Merlot and hope the answer comes to me in a drunken haze.

Good thing I don’t really drink.

What I keep telling myself is to relax. After all, she liked my work. That’s big. So what if I send her the revision and she doesn’t like it? I still come out the other end with a better, more marketable book. I’m certainly out nothing but perhaps a few brain cells. So I just need to get over myself, make a decision, and go forth.

So how come I’m still not sleeping?


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