Finger Crossing Time

By some miracle, Let’s Dish is done. Well, far from perfect, but I am now at that point where I think it sucks so badly there’s no hope, so it’s time to let it go and go onto the next project. That’s right – I’m emailing it to the editor tomorrow morning.

The good news is I won’t be at loose ends. The bad news is I still won’t get to work on Happy Medium for awhile. You see, before I started working on the Dish, I did a down and dirty nitpick on another book, Another Time Around, and sent it off for this editor to chew on while I worked on LD. She seemed to like it and, again, I got a revision letter. So still no contracts in the works, but some definite possibilities. And even if they both get rejected after I’ve done the work on them, at least I have tighter books to send elsewhere. And I’m no worse off that I was before. Right?

So start crossing fingers, folks. I need all the luck and mojo you can send my way.

On a dimmer note, I start back to work tomorrow. Where did the summer go? Projects I had planned: paint the kitchen, get new hardware and paint the cabinets, paint the bathroom, paint the south side of the house, paint house trim, and paint the garage. Projects actually accomplished: notadamnedthing. I was either at the pool with the kids or here at my keyboard trying to get published. The good news is that painting is better in the fall, anyway. Or so they say.

One last note: Congratulations to all RITA and Golden Heart winners this year, especially to lovely friend-of-a-friend Anne Stuart. No, I don’t actually know her, but her reputation precedes her and she seems like a lovely woman. I have to offer my condolences to Jade Lee, however, who did not win in her category. Lovely lady and great company. Just don’t give her coffee unless you’re up for a wild ride.


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