Let’s Dish – some details

Don’t have much info for you, but do know some dates. I am disappointed to learn that the print version will not be out in time for RWA Nationals in July. So DC is probably out for me, but look out Nashville, because the trade paperback version of Let’s Dish will be on the shelves in January 2010.

Can’t wait that long? Me either. The eBook will be released in March 2009, which suddenly sounds really close to me. Especially considering I have at least three rounds of edits to do before then. Yikes!

Speaking of edits, I have the first round now, so the whole “Holy Crap I Sold A Book!!” euphoria is over, now replaced by the whole “Holy Crap I Sold A Book And Now I Have To Make It All Pretty And Nice!!”

My first deadline is September 20th. Pray, people, pray.


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