Torn Between Two Covers, Feeling Like a Fraud

How’s that for a terrible  title? But for some dumb reason I’ve had that song in my head since the other night. Right after took my first tentative steps into self-promotion.

I’ve updated the website, taking off all the info on other books I haven’t sold yet. Then I started my own yahoo group.

Yup. I did it. I have no cover, no book out to discuss. But I started my own group so people can sit around and.. and what? Anticipate? The whole experience left me feeling like a fraud. Like I’m misrepresenting myself. Who the hell am I, anyway?

Oh yeah. A published writer. I almost forgot.

I think I’ve just spent so long trying to be a writer that now that it’s offical, I’m having a little trouble adjusting. I still sit here working at my computer every night feeling a little selfish to be taking time away for my “hobby.” But it’s not a hobby anymore. Geez – the husband seems to get that, even. How come I can’t?

Oh, and that yahoogroup, by the way? I’ll share that a little later. Like when I have a cover, at least. March will be here sooner than I can imagine, anyway. Maybe then I’ll feel like a “real” writer.

Probably not.



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2 responses to “Torn Between Two Covers, Feeling Like a Fraud

  1. You’re ahead of me. I haven’t started a yahoo group yet. I guess I should, but I don’t know many people who would join yet.

    Isn’t it weird that when you finally get “the call” or “the email” that your life doesn’t change perceptibly? There should be trumpets and confetti and … someone else to do the laundry and dishes?

  2. Catherine, it was so good to chat with you last night about your book! Off to find the link for your newsletter! Catherine 🙂