I’ll take drinking alone for 1,000, Alex!

What. A. Week!

So glad it’s Friday, you can’t even imagine. This week the evil day job lived up to its name. I normally like my job  – quite a lot, actually. But over the years I’ve gotten more responsibilities. Too bad it didn’t come with extra hours in the day. Then I have this whole second job thing, that takes a lot of time and so far has paid nothing. And I don’t expect a huge pay rise anytime soon. Add to it some family stuff stirring, and I’ve had it.

So the boys and I settled in to watch National Treasure 2 tonight. Good flick, but I still want to know what the hell is on page 47. Seriously! And now that my little munchkins are tucked into bed, I’ve started on orange juice with diet 7-Up and rum. Why OJ with diet 7 and rum? Because that’s what I have in the house. Thing is, the kids are in bed, the husband’s at work, and here I sit boozing. I am sooo classy.

So I’m drinking alone and drunk blogging. Hmmm… this could be a sign of a problem. Next thing you know I’ll be drunk editing. That could be interesting.

So why is having a drink alone and getting tipsy a problem? Because I am having A drink. One. And I’m getting tipsy. As my mother always said, I’m a terrible drinker. I’m just no good at it. Five seconds after I take my first sip of beer, I’m feeling it. So it’s a rare occasion that I drink anything stronger than just OJ and diet 7 Up. Adding the rum makes me stupid fast. Is this blog entry not proof of that?

Soooo… what next? Drunk writing? People have tried it. And made millions. Hold on a minute…

I think I need more rum. And MS Word.

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One response to “I’ll take drinking alone for 1,000, Alex!

  1. I rarely have a drink – I think the last time was around Christmas. Yet last night I was so exhausted yet wound up that I poured myself a diet ginger ale and coconut rum. Must have been something to do with the phase of the moon, LOL.