Screaming into a Deadline

I have taken most of this week off, though for good reason. My mother-in-law passed away this week, and I spent two days doing the whole family thing for her. When I first started writing again (well, came out of the closet about it anyway) she was terribly excited about it. She couldn’t wait to see the family name on the cover of a book. I didn’t have the heart to tell her I was writing under my maiden name.  Unfortunately, by the time I sold the book, she was deep in the throes of Alzheimer’s and had no idea what was going on. She didn’t live long enough to hold my book in her hands, though I hope she can see my name on the cover from where she is.

So this weekend and into next week, I need to focus. My first deadline is next Saturday. I originally had a month, which wasn’t too tight of a timeline. My problem, though, was just that. Timelines. The book’s timeline got all monkeyed up in revision and now I am down to re-reading it one last time, start to finish, to make sure it all makes sense. Problem is I’ve read it so many times at this point I think it stinks on ice and the editor who bought it must surely be smoking crack.

The exciting news, however, is I just completed the questionnaire from my publisher regarding my cover art. With that, the art department will get to work on my cover and perhaps one day I’ll even be able to have something to post on the old website. I can’t even imagine what that will feel like.

So by this time next week I am hoping to post that Let’s Dish’s first revision is a done deal and that the email is off to my editor. Then I get to go back to Another Time Around and try to sell that one, too. Gotta keep my mother-in-law on her toes keeping up with me from the Great Beyond.


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  1. I’m so sorry to hear about your mom. To have to face a deadline while dealing with that type of loss, well, I’m amazed you can focus on anything at all.

    *Problem is I’ve read it so many times at this point I think it stinks on ice* Um, gee, you mean I’m not the only one who has that phenomenon happen to them? I SO understand that feeling.