No NaNo for Me

For the first time in five years, I am not even going to attempt NaNoWriMo. There was one year I started and didn’t finish due to a family medical issue, but this year I’m not even going to start. I wanted to. I signed up, have a novel in mind (since last summer, actually) and really, really want to do it. But the business of writing is going to get in the way of the fun of writing.

I have an edit on Let’s Dish due on the 30th. No, that doesn’t interfere with the NaNo time line, but my brain is in that book instead of the one I want to write. No plotting means no word count.

Okay this is where I have to take an aside. I pride myself on being a “pantser” as opposed to a “plotter,” but I have to add a caveat to that. I don’t do charts, I don’t do graphs, and I don’t do sticky notes. That doesn’t mean I go into a book totally blind. I have point A, point B and point C in my head. In between those points, I pretty much riff. But before I put those first words onto the page, I have scenes in my head. I have characters talking to me. I know their personalities, am in their world, and know where I want them to go. The only voices in my head right now are Maggie and Kevin.  So Alex and Jeff from Happy Medium are sitting in a corner pouting because I haven’t talked to them since June.

But even with my head in Let’s Dish, I could get my brain wrapped around a new book within a few days. So that’s not the real problem. The real problem… well, it’s not actually a problem. It’s a good thing.

This summer while I made the requested adjustments to Let’s Dish, I sent my now-editor another manuscript to look over. She liked it, but it needed some changes, too. She’s hinting at me now that she’d really like to see those changes. Considering I’ve made it to chapter four, and that book has twenty-two chapters, I think I have a way to go. So my November will be dedicated to Another Time Around, where I get to have fun with Brin, Max, and David. Yup – a triangle. But one guy’s not exactly present.  You’ll find out more – I hope – when it comes into print.

So now I’m off to finish up my second, tear-down edit on Let’s Dish. March will be here before I know it, and I only get one more crack at this thing before you all get to see it. So NaNo? Maybe next year.



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2 responses to “No NaNo for Me

  1. I tried NaNo last year, but 9 days in my father had a massive stroke and that was the end of NaNo for me. This year I’m expecting edits for my novella Private Property any day now and I can only work on one story at a time.

    So don’t feel bad about not NaNo-ing, you’re still going to be writing. I’d argue that pleasing your editor by finishing the second story you submitted is a heckuva good excuse not to NaNo this year.

  2. “I’d argue that pleasing your editor by finishing the second story you submitted is a heckuva good excuse not to NaNo this year.”

    Oh yea – I totally agree. LOL Sorry to hear about your dad, though. That’s a tough one, for sure. Hope all is well now.