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Let’s Dish Bonus Scene!

Well, not yet. Hehe I am such a tease. But comming soon will be a bonus teaser from Let’s Dish. You’ll be able to read about what Kevin was thinking and feeling when he met Maggie for the first time. So keep you eyes open for it.

Also today, Happy Thanksgiving to all in the US. I missed our Canadian buddies last month, so a belated Hapy Thanksgiving to all you up north, too. As for me, my family is staying put this year after icy drives during the holidays last year. The eight-year-old chef and I will be making what was supposed to be a simple dinner, but is going to be the normal blow-out spread.  And, of course, I will be working on Another TIme Around. Hope to be able to share some details about that book with you soon.

So enjoy your day, all!



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In Mourning

He’s dead and gone. With one last sparkle of life, the little red light flashed and faded, and my beloved laptop left this world.

Yes, my laptop. I’ve been having some trouble with it for awhile – it wouldn’t believe it was plugged in when it was. You’d have to wiggle it juuuuust so to get the sweet spot, and then you were good to go. But when it took me ten minutes to find that sweet spot yesterday morning, I knew it was time to go to the computer doctor.

“There’s nothing we can do,” he said. “I’m afraid it’s terminal.”  But if you left it in juuuust the right place, it could run. Sometimes. So the idea was to give it to the kids and I’d get a new one. Son #3 was beside himself excited about having a second internet capable computer. I was excited for him, too.

So I bought a new laptop, went to get the info I needed off the old one and… nothing. It wouldn’t power up at all. I tried a different power supply.  That’s when I got the spark, the crackle, and the dying. Whatever we did at the comptuer repair shop severed the last connection to…to…to whatever it was hanging onto. And since a piece of the plastic is broken off, there’w nothing that can be done. What a waste.

Son #3 is seriously disapointed. I feel bad for him, too. And now I have to pay someone to go in and get all my stuff off my hard drive. Thank God the books were backed up! But now I have to learn to deal with Vista. Yick.


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For those of you with an iPhone or iPod touch…

…read this. Surely a sign that the ebook revolution is coming!

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I Live in Infamy!

Well, at least I have a name up at Samahin now. Now cover yet, let alone a bio, but I have a name.  It’s a start, right?

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Still Alive!

Yes, I’m still here, but busy. One week ago tonight my lovely editor sent me the final edit on Let’s Dish – and it was due before the end of the week. I just about panicked, but then realized it wasn’t too bad – just a few minor nit-picks.  So now onto the line editor, and after that it’s in the can. Hope to share some excerpts very soon, and maybe give away a few Advance Reader Copies!

Another Time Around is my next project. I wrote it for NaNo 2004, and my editor is interested in me making a few changes to it. Unfortunately, I have learned so much during the edit on Let’s Dish that I am making myself crazy over ATA. I need to get over myself, forge ahead, and just make the changes. Editing can come later. Right?

On a personal note, my oldest took part in the State Special Olympics Bowling Tournament this weekend – another reason I haven’t been blogging. Or writing. He bowled in three events -individual, pairs and team – and won a gold metal in all three! But that wasn’t the best part. He has autism and I tease that he has two emotions: bored to death and pissed off. That’s not strictly true, but those seem to be the primary ones we see. But when I went to get him from the dance last night, he was dancing and having a great time! Who is this kid? Not my stoic son. He was having a terrific time, and it was so good to see.

Okay, back to work. Or back to watching Food Network. Whatever.


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At Odds and Loose Ends

Sorry for the haitus – not been able to focus well this week thanks to an inner ear infection. The room spins around me and I feel like I’m moving when I’m sitting still. Yippie. So thank goodness I’m not doing NaNo.

This is the first year in five I haven’t started a new book on November 1st, and I’m feeling a little like I’m playing hookie. I want to get around to starting Happy Medium later this month, but have to finish my revision on Another Time Around first. So if I can just get my brain to focus for more than three seconds at a time…

In the much better news file, you all need to go to the store (or Amazon) right now to buy Lani’s new book Wish You Were Here. It all came together on this one: great title, terrific cover, and fabulous book. I was lucky enough to read this last year as Lani wrote it for NaNo 2007. Loved it! Go. Buy. I’ll wait here, with my head spinning.

You back? Cool. I need some help, oh wonderful blog readers. All three of you. I have never been thrilled with my title for Another Time Around. It’s not horrid, but I’d like to come up with something new. So here’s what the book’s about:

Brin Maxwell is the widow of hair-band phenom Marcus “Max” Maxwell, who died in a plane crash on their anniversary two years ago. Just when she’s ready to get on with her life and consider dating again, along comes Max to haunt her – or maybe she’s just losing her mind. After all, she’s under enough stress thanks to a stalker that she may well be going insane. And is David Lyle her next great love? Or is he really trying to kill her?
Yeah – I’m awful at blurbs. Thank God my publisher has someone on staff who could help me write the one for Let’s Dish. Oh yeah, the official blurb is on the site now. Go take a look see. And then come back here and help with my title. I’m no good at those, either.

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