At Odds and Loose Ends

Sorry for the haitus – not been able to focus well this week thanks to an inner ear infection. The room spins around me and I feel like I’m moving when I’m sitting still. Yippie. So thank goodness I’m not doing NaNo.

This is the first year in five I haven’t started a new book on November 1st, and I’m feeling a little like I’m playing hookie. I want to get around to starting Happy Medium later this month, but have to finish my revision on Another Time Around first. So if I can just get my brain to focus for more than three seconds at a time…

In the much better news file, you all need to go to the store (or Amazon) right now to buy Lani’s new book Wish You Were Here. It all came together on this one: great title, terrific cover, and fabulous book. I was lucky enough to read this last year as Lani wrote it for NaNo 2007. Loved it! Go. Buy. I’ll wait here, with my head spinning.

You back? Cool. I need some help, oh wonderful blog readers. All three of you. I have never been thrilled with my title for Another Time Around. It’s not horrid, but I’d like to come up with something new. So here’s what the book’s about:

Brin Maxwell is the widow of hair-band phenom Marcus “Max” Maxwell, who died in a plane crash on their anniversary two years ago. Just when she’s ready to get on with her life and consider dating again, along comes Max to haunt her – or maybe she’s just losing her mind. After all, she’s under enough stress thanks to a stalker that she may well be going insane. And is David Lyle her next great love? Or is he really trying to kill her?
Yeah – I’m awful at blurbs. Thank God my publisher has someone on staff who could help me write the one for Let’s Dish. Oh yeah, the official blurb is on the site now. Go take a look see. And then come back here and help with my title. I’m no good at those, either.


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