Let’s Dish Bonus Scene!

Well, not yet. Hehe I am such a tease. But comming soon will be a bonus teaser from Let’s Dish. You’ll be able to read about what Kevin was thinking and feeling when he met Maggie for the first time. So keep you eyes open for it.

Also today, Happy Thanksgiving to all in the US. I missed our Canadian buddies last month, so a belated Hapy Thanksgiving to all you up north, too. As for me, my family is staying put this year after icy drives during the holidays last year. The eight-year-old chef and I will be making what was supposed to be a simple dinner, but is going to be the normal blow-out spread.  And, of course, I will be working on Another TIme Around. Hope to be able to share some details about that book with you soon.

So enjoy your day, all!



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3 responses to “Let’s Dish Bonus Scene!

  1. Hehehe.. I am wicked, aren’t I?

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