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I’m contributing to a new blog. Not daily, mind you, but on a fiarly regular basis. The Samhellion goes live Monday, and features a plethora of Samhain authors. At this point, I’m planning on blogging every second Tuesday of the month, but I have a bit of a problem – what do I blog about? I can hardly think of relevant, interesting topics here, let alone at another blog spot. So I need input, people. More input, Stephanie! (If you don’t remember Johnny Five, here’s the link.)

So what do you want to read about? Have any questions for me to answer? Anything at all, just let me know and I’ll consider it for a post over on the new blog. Be sure to head over and check out the other authors, too. Samhain publishes a huge variety of fiction, from paranormal to erotica to sci fi, so you’re sure to find something you like. Even romantic comedy.



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2 responses to “More Bloggy Goodness

  1. Rats, I was hoping to garner some hints from your post since I’m going to be posting there too.

  2. Yeah, and no one knows what they want to read about, either. Sigh… I am in sooo much trouble. LOL