Letting Go

I am really bad about letting things go. I like to torture myself with past mistakes. I worry already about how I will ever live without my kids at home.  I’m still ticked at my husband for something he did years ago. Kidding.

But yesterday I had to let go not once but twice. Firstly, Let’s Dish is now out of my hands forever. I turned in the final line edits last night. I spent seven hours at the library locked up with my laptop going over that sucker line-by-line. Now it goes back to my publisher and…that’s it. I’m done until I get my gallies. And even then, I can’t really make changes. Just looking for errors. So if there are mistakes in the manuscript still, it’s too late. It’s a done deal.

During my library marathon, I also finished up Another Time Around. As I may have hinted (or hammered my point into the ground), ATA has been a toughie for me. It’s been killer to make the changes my editor wanted, mostly because I saw so many things I wanted to change beyond that. But I did it, think I addressed everything she wants, and let it go. I sent it to my editor. So now it’s in her hands – she can reject it or offer contract. Then again, she may ask for more revision, in which case I think I’ll just go jump off a roof. Kidding! Again.

So I am sitting here today wondering what I want to do next. Oh yeah – still have to write that bonus scene. Okay, so maybe I’m not totally done with Let’s Dish. Yet.


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