Merry Christmas from Dante’s Fifth Circle

Sorry for the absence, folks. Been bogged down with the tummy bug from hell with all three kids. And blizzards. And 20 below zero weather.  Add to that the oldest who mysteriously comes out of his room this morning with a stitch-worthy gash over his right eye (no, he won’t say how he did it -or can’t) and you’ve got all the makings for Christmas at Ground Zero.

But I made a promise to you all not long ago, and I haven’t forgotten.  I’ve been working on Kevin’s story, and it will soon be ready for public viewing as a New Year’s present. An excerpt of Let’s Dish should also be available soon, too, so lots of action here at Chez Catie come the new year. Stay tuned. Once the plague has passed, there’ll be lots of moving and shaking going on over here.


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