The Holidays – Bond Style

Hope everyone’s hollidays have been great so far. We’re not done. Oh, no, there’s lots more to come in the next week. This is party week, with Christmas and New Years and all the other holidays crammed into this short period each year. And at Chez Cate, the holidays this year have meant hours and hours spent with our favorite super spy James Bond.

Thanks to Spike TV, the husband and I have been able to indulge to our hearts’ content on James, Moneypenny, M, Q and various Bond bimbos.  I’ve loved the Ian Flemming books since I read Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. I wanted more, so at 13, my parents set me on Doctor No. Yep. The blood, the violence, the sex. They let me read it all, and I begged for more. So here are a couple Bond observations I’ve had over the years, starting with a few things I noticed just yesterday.

-Thunderball and Never Say Never Again are basically the same movie. You have Domino and Largo, and Domino’s brother is being used to get to some government bomb/equipment and she is really being held prisoner, though she thinks she is a guest of Largo. Both even have Connery as Bond, though one was made in the early 60s and the other in the 80s. I love Thunderball, by the way, and never could understand why I couldn’t get into Never Say Never Again. Now I get it. It’s a cheap knock off.

– If you have a thing for Bond girl names, don’t think Flemming stopped with Pussy Galore and Dr. Goodhead. Oh no, read or watch Chitty Chitty Bang Bang sometime. Truly Scrumptious. The man could not help himself. He was apparently a horn dog.

– Ian Flemming once said the Bond charachter was not another side of himself. He states he was much more like Moneypenny.

– I think Daniel Craig sucks as Bond. Even worse than George Lazenby and Timothy Dalton. Yes, I am going to get arguments on that, and I know it. But my favorite Bond has always been Sean Connery, though Peirce Brosnan is starting to get my vote. He plays Bond as competent but flawed with a wicked sense of humor. Roger Moore was okay, too, but for me, I think it’s Peirce.

– They finally gave Bond a decent partner in Die Another Day. Jinx is a fabulous, kick-ass character and is basically a female Bond. And Halle Barry did a hell of a job playing her.

– There have been 23 Bond films, six actors playing Bond, and we accept it all. Bond has aged, gotten younger, and changed hair color, and no one has batted an eye. Even Jack Ryan couldn’t pull that off. Nobody bought poor Ben Affleck in the role. Hell, even Q couln’t pull that off, and now we have “New M” with Dame Judi Dench (one of my favorite actresses). But as I said before, folks will gladly hail Daniel Craig as the best Bond yet. We shall see. Casino Royale put me to sleep, and I have yet to see Quantum of Solace. Maybe I’ll change my mind after I see it.

– But lastly, I think there is one thing we can all agree on. For the most part, Bond movie themes kick ass. Seriously some of the best movit theme songs out there.

Any other Bond-ophiles out there? Come on out of hiding and sell me on Daniel Criag.


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