For Whomever has the Pomeranian

Interesting search terms have led readers to my blog lately.

Let’s start with:

Dante’s Fifth Circle
Yes, this is where I live. Welcome to my personal version of hell. We have our good days, too, but lately hell has frozen over, so it’s been kinda sorta busy.

Why having a job is necessary
Wanna eat? You need a job. There you go. That’ll be ten bucks.

Ado Annie Script
Ado Annie is a character. Not a play. That I know of. I’ve been known to be wrong on occasion.

Linden Bay Romance Samhain
Yes, something I know something about! But not a lot. You should probably look to a news site or Publisher’s Lunch or something for details about the merger. Me? I just write for ’em.

Males Driving Minivans
Yeah – guys drive minivans, and my husband is one of those guys. So what? Or is there something I’m missing?

Dream Interpretation Script
There’s a script for dream interpretation? Really?

Script Shopoholic
Why does everyone find me through script? Post script does not mean I’m a scriptwriter, folks. I would be the worst scriptwriter ever. Sorry, we have no scripts.

Breaking Birthday Curse
If you figure that one out, let me know. 37 years of hell and counting.

How Long Should I Keep My Pomeranian Dog
If you have to ask, take the dog back right now because you don’t have the stuff to be a pet parent. The answer, in case you’re curious, is forever. You adopt a pet, it’s a part of your family. Trust me. I have four of the little suckers. Pets, not Poms.

If I’m a Freelance Writer, What is My Tit(le)
I am assuming (and hoping) my parenthetical addition is what the person was looking for. The answer is “Psychiatric Patient.” Just so you know.



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7 responses to “For Whomever has the Pomeranian

  1. LOL!! I wonder what brings some people to my blog. I haven’t figured out how to find that out. I’m not adept. ROFL.

  2. How do you find out what brings people to your blog – or is it some WordPress widget?

    And I have to laugh about the Pomeranian – I think I told you my crit partner Marley just adopted one.

    I love your answer to the freelance writer!

  3. WordPress has stats on my management page.

  4. Very funny responses, and the freelance writer answer is my favorite. Others seem a given — like the forever for pets.

  5. So funny — I was thinking of doing one of these this morning when I saw several referrals came from odd questions.

  6. Yep, I’m the CP with the Pom. Dusty. What a love, but feisty. Our fourth but our first baby so it’s a whole new experience. He sure is cutting into my writing time following him around like a human toddler. He’s worth every minute.

  7. Pets are a pain, but what would we do without them? I love mine all to death!