From the Desk of a Walking NyQuill Ad

I have it all – sniffling, sneezing, stuffy head, fever… you name it, I got it. I’ve blown my nose so much today that the skin just below it is so sore I can barely touch it. And I’m just at the start of this thing.

So tonight I took a shower, took some oh-so-lovely medication that has thus far done nothing for me, and sat down to write on my blurb and tagline.

Seriously. Writing the book wasn’t this painful.

So thanks to Lani, the ever-brilliant blurb/tagline writer, I have a couple ideas to go with. Still, Another Time Around is such a conglomerate of paranormal and suspense and comedy, I have no idea how to fill in the blank for “genre.” But my editor says to emphasize the paranormal and contemporary romance elements, so what the boss wants, the boss gets.

So then I set that aside and started working again on that bonus scene I promised you all. No, I haven’t forgotten, but Kevin is being a pill and clammed up on me. But thanks to the wonder that is antihistamine, he started chatting a bit tonight and I was able to nail down his voice pretty well. This is one of those nights the husband is oh-so-glad to be legally bound to me. No make-up, my hair’s a mess, I have extra-heavy moisturizer slathered on the skin below my nose, and I am trying to write a three-page monologue from a guy’s perspective being witty, funny, and just a little bit sexist.

Yeah. He’s a lucky guy, my husband.

On bigger and better news, five weeks until Let’s Dish releases and I’m officially a published author. Okay, so I’m kinda sorta counting down. Not like I have a special counter on my sidebar or anything. I’m not that technically gifted.

Oh yeah, that bonus scene? Look for it next Tuesday. Really, I swear. It will mark one month until the Dish goes live, and will also mark the beginning of my contest to win an ARC of the book. So check back for details, folks. The countdown is about to begin!


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