Coughing and Excerpts and Contests, Oh My!

Been a heckuva week here at Casa Del Catie. Been down and out with bronchitis, and am just starting to feel human again. Kinda. Still sound like I’m smoking Camels unfiltered, but a girl’s gotta have a gimick. I get bronchitis about once or twice a winter, and sometimes even in the summer, since I had a nasty case of pneumonia back in 1993. In fact, my husband proposed to me in the midst of it all, and teases me that the only reason I said yes was because I was in a weaknened state. There are days I choose to agree with that.

But this is February, the month of love. Right? We won’t talk about my Valentine’s curse – it tends to be about the same as the birthday curse, but this year is bound to be better. Why? Because this year on Valentine’s day I get to give away copies of my debut novel Let’s Dish! Yes, the time has come and the contest is open! Click the link (or the tab at the top of the page) to learn how to enter to win your very own copy. Entries will be accepted through midnight on Friday the 13th, and the winners (two of ’em) will be announced on Valentine’s Day. So enter away! Winners will be drawn at random by a couple of handsome young men who are sooo not impressed that their mother wrote a book and really just wish she’d settle down and act normal already.

In other exciting Let’s Dish news, the promised bonus scene goes live on Tuesday to mark the one-month countdown to release day. Kevin’s story will be available at the Samhellion on Tuesday, and will migrate over here within the week, but to be the first to check it out, be sure to follow me over there on the 3rd.

One more thing before I go hack myself into a coma – don’t forget that Tuesday marks the release of my buddy’s book Dogs and Goddesses. Lani Diane Rich, Jennifer Crusie and Anne Stuart? How can you go wrong? Go. Buy. Enjoy.



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4 responses to “Coughing and Excerpts and Contests, Oh My!

  1. Poor you. My mother has asthma she gets bronchitis all the time.

    It sucks.

    I’m glad you’re feeling better.

  2. Debi Salanitro

    I LOVE your writing!!! I still have a piece from way back when you emailed me about the kids being stink bombs and could be used to terrorize Bin Laden…or whoever we were looking to get at the time!!!
    I’d love love love to get an arc of your book ( I’ll most likely buy it anway though!!!)
    pick me pick me LOL
    HUGS and good luck.
    Debi Salanitro
    dsalanitro1967 at yahoo dot com

  3. Lisa F.

    I hate bronchitis, like you I get it once or twice in the winter. I get that horrible hacking cough. Blah!

    I hope you are feeling better.

  4. Thanks, everyone. Yes, I am feeling better. Kind of tired yet, but improving every day. And my voice is almost back! Now if I could just get rid of this cough… sigh.