Who Trusts that Stupid Groundhog Anyway?

Below zero again here in the frozen North. Again. We’ve been at this since December – are we done yet? Not according to Punxsutawney Phil. Little snot locker saw his shadow, indicating six more weeks of winter. Like we didn’t know that already. (How indicative is it of my mood that I wrote the word months before I wrote weeks? That’s what it feels like.)

So it makes life a little rough – or I should say my mood – and I am right now embroiled in first-round edits on Another Time Around. Brin is seeming a little whiney right now, and David, who is supposed to appear to have a lot of nervous energy, is looking like a fidgety moron. But this is why we edit, right? To make it smooth as silk. And considering how Let’s Dish turned out under the guiding hand of my editor, I have high hopes for ATA.

There has been lots of interest in the contest, and I thank all of you who have signed up. The boys have the hat all picked out and are ready to draw names, but entries will be accepted through the 13th, so tell your friends.

Back to edits. Sigh…at least I can do it inside where it’s warm.


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