Deadline Deadbeat

Another Time Around is due next week. The blog is the first thing to suffer when I’m on a deadline, so I apologize for the lack of actual content as of late.  I’m almost done, so hopefully I get better about posting here.

The second thing to go to hell is my hair. My roots are in desperate need of some Loving Care, if you know what I mean. My husband thinks I fuss about my grays too much. View must be pretty good from the cheap seats, I say, since I have much more gray than he does. Now that might not seem too unfair, but…well, there’s a tiny age difference between us. Tiny being 20 years. Go ahead, let your jaw drop. We’re used to it.

So at any rate, this guy is 20 years older than me and he has fewer grays. Can I call a penalty on that? No fair. What makes it even worse is that my parents went gray late. Yet my brother, my sister, and me? Yeah. Gray in our 30s. Not. Fair.

But I digress.

So here I am with gray hair, not blogging, and not doing housework. Oh yeah, that’s another thing that goes by the wayside when I’m on a deadline.  My house is filthy. My clothes are wrinkly. Deadline. It’s a convenient excuse, true, but…well, true!

But, as I said, I’m almost done. I needed to write a new scene, which I did. It’s awful, but it’s written. The main edits are done, which is a bonus, so I just have a very few loose ends to tie up.  Then I’m done, and back to blogging again. And housework. And maybe dying my roots.



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2 responses to “Deadline Deadbeat

  1. Oh, honey, I hear you! I got my edits and my editor wanted an added scene and a different ending. Oy vay! In coming up with the new ending I have to tweak parts all through the beginning. I’m going cross-eyed. But she hasn’t given me a deadline yet. That’ll be coming soon I imagine. (Not that I think her suggestions won’t make a better story, but like you, I’m feeling the pressure to make sure it’s perfect.)

  2. Tameka Green

    I love this cover and I would love to take a bite out of this book. Lol I can’t help it I just love hot books and this one sounds like a scorcher