I’ll Never Look at Bing and Bob the Same Way Again

Friday night I indulged in a little writer chat with a group here in town. Great ladies, and we had one heckuva time. As we discussed writing comercially, the topic drifted to writing erotica. None of us have ever tried it – or I should say, tried it sucessfully. We won’t discuss the scene I wrote on a dare that involves an anatomically correct android and a Vulcan/Romulan halfbreed.

So for our writing prompt that night, one of the ladies tried to write an erotic scene. Problem was, none of us could keep a straight face. Now that had nothing to do with the subject matter and everything to do with us all being rather punchy, tired, and out of the house without various children tagging along. The scene turned out to be wonderful, but also funny as hell.

So did we invent a new subgenre? Erotic-comedy? Comedic-erotica? No, those titles are too long. Eromedie? Yikes – sounds like a particularly nasty surgical procedure.  Cerotica? Said right, that sounds like a new martial art. Or maybe a marital art?

Yeah, puns and I don’t get along.

So that left us with Comerotica. But that sounds like a Bob Hope/Bing Crosby “On the Road” movie, only with naughty undertones.

So what do you think? Do you enjoy reading erotica, funny or not? Or is funny erotica a turn off? And what the heck would you call it anyway?


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