Happy Medium

I’m on my honeymoon. Not with my husband, of course. We did that nearly sixteen years ago, and trust me – the honeymoon is decidedly over.

But I am honeymooning with a new book. That wonderful stage when hopes are so high, everything is new, and nothing’s gone wrong yet. The story and I haven’t had our first fight. We will, just not yet. This is the period where I get to know my characters, warts and all, and get to spend some time with them wandering in my head.

In Let’s Dish and Another Time Around, my heroines start out being pushed around by others. Maggie’s mother tells her what to do, Brin’s mother-in-law and assistant are in charge of her every move. Alex is a little different. She’s not a lost lamb. Oh, she’s stuck in neutral, all right. So dedicated to the family business that she’s sacrificed everything. So needing a sense of normalcy that she denies her talents. But Alex knows who she is and has made a conscious decision to sacrifice herself for her family.

And then comes along Jeff.

What’s a girl to do when she’s falling in love for the first time, and with a guy who could destroy everything she’s worked so hard to maintain? Then there’s the dead guy, who insists on talking to her. Until she really needs him to.  So what will happen? How does it end?

I don’t know yet. One disadvantage of being a “pantser” is that you’re never quite sure how things turn out. Will the girl get the guy, or will they even survive? Will Alex’s mother spill her secrets, and discover a few more on the way? Will Alex’s sister have a daughter, or is the Blotz tradition of baby girls doomed to end?

Stay tuned, folks. Because I have no clue.



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2 responses to “Happy Medium

  1. LOL! I used to be a panster, I was slowly and surely turned the more books I published.


    I remember those good old days. 😉

  2. I plot a lot more than I used to, too. I know a lot more going in that I did when I first started, but I don’t plot scene-by-scene before I start. I still let the characters lead me – I just know what I’m going to throw at them, now. LOL