Where Do You Write?

I was in a chat the other night, and it was humming along nicely. Lots of questions were being hurled at my head, but I was keeping up okay, and then someone asked me where I write.

That one stopped me. The locales, I asked (since they tend to vary) or actually where I physically write? The chatter wanted to know if I worked at a desk, in the library, at Starbucks, etc. If I had been more on my toes, I would have come up with some snappy answer. As it was, I told the truth.

I write in bed.

That can sound pretty racy. I assure you it’s not. I’ve often lamented not having a proper office. I used to have one back in the day. Actually it was an office-slash-studio, as I spent part of my time teaching violin and voice lessons. I loved my office. And then I had more kids. And we needed another bedroom.

Sigh… so I lost my office. I had a corner in the living room for awhile when the kids were smaller, but then they got old enough to play on the computer. At that point, keyboard time became a premium and I was ecstatic to get my own laptop. But I still had nowhere to use it.

Then came the great flood of 2007, which forced us to remodel the basement.  In the process, I set up a small office area for myself. The problem with it? In the same room with the PlayStation. Kids. Everywhere.

So that’s why I write in my bed. I have my pillows stacked up just so, and a little tray meant for eating that works great as a “desk.”  And the door locks. Occasionally I head out to the library, sometimes to a local coffee shop, but most of the time, I am hunkered under my warm comforter tapping away on my TV dinner tray.

Now there’s a picture for ya.

The chatters loved that answer, by the way. Most of them had their own kids who bug them constantly. One lady even said she writes in the bathroom, since that’s the only door in her house that locks. Funny – that’s the room my kids always manage to break into.

So if you’re a writer, where do you write? Do you have an office, or do you leave the house? Or are you perhaps locking yourself in the bathtub to get some peace and quiet?



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6 responses to “Where Do You Write?

  1. I write wherever I can. With three teens, a travel-for-work husband and care giving duties for my mom, that can be the home office, with pen and paper wherever I am or on the laptop. My dream place is when I can escape for a weekend with no other distractions or duties.

    Congrats on your new book release! (I followed you here from your MW roar.) 🙂

  2. Hi, Angie, and thanks for stopping by.

    Oh, escaping sounds so good! A writers’ retreat. Except if I were there with anyone else, I’d end up indulging in too much grown-up conversation, since all my conversations seem to involve either Roblocks or Age of Empires. LOL

  3. sandrasookoo

    In the mornings and very late at night I write in bed. It’s just easier that way. But throughout the day, I move into the living room or dining room table. I don’t have a desk because hubby doesn’t want me to “romance up” his office. So until we buy a desk to go into the guest room, the world is my office. I like that way. Tried to do the Panera thing but it’s too busy and too much scope for getting sidetracked by people watching 🙂

  4. I know a lady who has converted her bedroom closet into an “office” with just enough room for a little desk. No idea where she puts her clothes. LOL

    I used to be lucky enough to have time to kill at the day job and would write here. No more! Too much to do here now, and I barely keep up with my 9-5 writing let alone my novels!

  5. Right now, on the corner of an L shaped couch so I can keep track of my toddlers.

    One day *sigh* I’ll have an office. One day.

  6. In a tiny office that I share with my hubby. Although when he’s in it, I don’t write much, I keep wanting to shrink down the screen, especially when I’m writing a love scene.