So Where Do You Read?

Yesterday I asked where you write. That leads to the logical follow-up – where do you read? The simple answer is everywhere. We read in the car while we’re waiting to pick up the kids, at the doctor’s office, in bed at night, in the tub while we soak. Most everyone who stumbles across this blog probably reads a lot and in many places. But what’s your favorite reading place?

My favorite reading places are probably the same as my favorite writing places. I read in bed and I read on my patio. Seasonably, of course. But I adore my back patio. Here a few years ago I took a little side yard, tilled it up and planted a simple flower garden. At the end of that is a small patio made out of pavers – just big enough for a table and a few chairs.

It’s wonderful out there in the late spring and early fall. In the evening, I light candles and sit out in the breeze with my favorite book and a glass of iced tea. Heaven. Summer it gets too humid and too buggy, and winter – well, there is so much snow out there right now I can’t see the table. But for about two months out of the year, it’s perfect out there.

My bed – well, that’s an obvious one. Here I can read a paperback or an e-book just as easily. I always have my laptop handy, have a fluffy comforter, and big puffy pillows. And, as I mentioned yesterday, the door locks, so I get to read in peace. For a short time, anyway.

So where is your favorite reading place? Where do you tuck in and get busy with a book?



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4 responses to “So Where Do You Read?

  1. I read everywhere. At the moment I’m reading different things in different rooms – the latest writing magazine, for example, stays in the living room. The historical romance I’m reading (Cinammon & Roses by Heidi Betts) is in the bedroom. Bird by Bird is somewhere else. I try to only read one novel at a time. Or at least, only one physical novel – I also have the podiobooks on my iPod. My favourite place to read is probably the bedroom, which is why that’s where the novel is. But the bath is also pretty good.

    As for writing, well, I have two main places. In the mornings, I get up and write at the PC on my desk. In the evenings, I go downstairs and get set up on the laptop on the sofa. I can’t write with other people in the room so I have to be wherever my husband isn’t! I deliberately get up earlier than him so that I can take advantage of an empty office in the mornings, but by 9pm when I get back to writing he’s taken up permanent residence at the desk, either working or playing shoot-’em-up games. Of the two options, I probably prefer being at my desk.

  2. Davina, I normally have one book in the bedroom and one in my purse. Sometimes if they’re too close in genre, I get them mixed up. LOL

  3. I read everwhere because I’m always reading. The tub is my favorite place, that is until the water gets cold. Last night I had to finish a book so I was on the loveseat with my legs hanging off the end, a dog on the arm by my head, a cat on my tummy and a siberian husky on the floor right next to me. If the book is really good but one of my shows is on TV I read during the commercials.

    Just got new lamps in the bedroom for better reading. Also read while the hubs is driving on road trips. Love audio books too. Just finished reading Beyond Belief, the Josh Hamilton biography. Highly recommend it. A journey of addiction and his recovery to become one of baseballs leading hitters.

  4. Since I have a Sony reader, I get to read everywhere too.

    (Except for the tub – books only there.)