Movie Night

Last night we sat around as a family and watched a couple movies. First we watched Journey to the Center of the Earth, then Made of Honor.

First off, Journey is amazing, not for plot so much but for the fact it held the attention of my hyperactive 11-year-old. At one point he said, “Somebody make some popcorn! This is getting good!”  It was a fun fantasy flick without too much swearing and with just enough scare factor to keep the kids riveted. Might have to buy this one. Never mind my Brendan Fraser obsession. That has nothing to do with it.

Made of Honor? Well…it didn’t suck. Honestly, it was kind of fun, but predictable and really plotless. It’s pretty typical for a “hey, we have a hot TV star we want to cash in on” movie. Can anyone say 27 Dresses? Patrick Dempsey pulled off much better roles – and did them better – back when he was playing a teen aged geek. Then again, since he was a teen aged geek at the time, was that really acting? Yes, I am committing romance writer sacrilege and criticising Patrick Dempsey. I still watch Grey’s Anatomy with frightening regularity. But all-in-all? Definitely a one-time-is-enough movie.

Funny thing? I’ve used both Brendan Faser and Patrick Dempsey for placeholders in books, and it was just by coincidence I watched both movies last night. Well, coincidence and the fac that I’m avoiding a revision like the plague. Shhh…don’t tell my editor. Unless, of course, she wants a recommendation for a good movie.


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