What I Don’t Get…

I have missed the reality TV train. Not missed so much as never bought a ticket. I watched five minutes of Survivor once and thought to myself, “There’s five minutes I’ll never get back.”

Of course this comes from a girl who when I first saw a commercial for Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles I thought it was a joke. Seriously. I was watching German TV and thought they were kidding.

So here are a couple shows I just don’t get:

Dancing with the Stars. People LOVE this show. First off, I find watching people dancing is boring. Yes, the classically trained musician finds ballet tedious. Add to that the fact that these people (for the most part) suck, and I just don’t get the appeal. For guys, yeah, I get that they like the girls half naked jiggling around. But Steve Wozniak? I just don’t get it.

This was another “they’re kidding, right?” reaction when I first saw the show advertised.

Real Housewives of ____ (fill in the blank – they’re all the same)

Why would I spend my time watching women be vicious to one another? And be completely clueless about money. “Oh my GAWD, Dahhhling, you can’t be seriously considering buying the $5,000 Italian leather pumps when the $10,000 Parisian alligator skin and diamond heel are such a better value.”  I really love the chick that talks about having class. With her mouth full. As she ignores her kids.

ESPN – Not a show so much as an entire franchise of television stations dedicated to WATCHING sports. Isn’t the point of sports to DO them? Guess not, since 99% of my HD channels are ESPN something. What I really want is another Discovery Channel.

NASCAR -My husband and son spend hours watching left turn, left turn, left turn every weekend. Road races I get. Kinda. Circular tracks? Snoooooze.

So does anyone want to clue me in? Come on. Change my mind. Or not.



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9 responses to “What I Don’t Get…

  1. If anyone does clue you in, can you clue me in? I’m not into them either, not DwtS, not AI, not the Bachelor, not … well, actually I don’t watch much TV at all. I suspect a lot of the ‘switching’ programs are scripted or manipulated anyway.

    Hubby only watches golf on weekends, which I don’t mind because it lulls me into a nice afternoon nap.

  2. I watched Survivor and Amazing Race, but after a couple seasons it’s lost its zing, mainly because it’s predictable. People learned how to compete in the game and the contestants are just rude and backstabbing.

  3. I think Amy just gave you your answer. Sports is not predictable. Any given contest is completely unique. If the were predictable, Vegas would be out of business.

    Don’t worry ladies. It’s those mind-numbing differences that keep things exciting between the sexes.

    Now, if someone could only explain the intrigue of shopping to me …

  4. Shopping is a mystery to me, too. I do it when I have to, and get in moods when I feel like shopping but I am not a social shopper. If I want to buy something, I get it, get what I want, and get the heck out. Take no prisoners.

    I am SUCH a guy. How come I don’t like ESPN again? 😉

  5. People watch nascar because they’re hoping to see a wreck. And its an excuse to drink beer. I’m not much on reality shows but I did get sucked into Biggest Loser this year.

  6. Biggest Loser I can see, because at least it has a positive goal. I turned on Real Housewives last night, and there were two women cat fighting and being vicious again. Honestly, why?

  7. Karla

    I love the Real Housewives. They aren’t “real” in the sense that you and I are, but I love seeing how other people live. You know there’s no way in Hell they’d survive a SD blizzard. They’d die if they had to drive two hours to a mall. Once they got there, they’d be very unhappy at the selection of goods, I’m sure. I think a lot of the reality shows keep normal people grounded. Who wants to look or act that ridiculous? I watch TV most for entertainment and relaxation. Sometimes I’ll watch for education, but only if the show is related to horses, kids, or health. When I watch TV, I just want to zone out for a while. I really like Big Love, too. I know it doesn’t paint an accurate picture of the Mormon lifestyle, but there’s some truth woven in there. And you know, I have relatives in WY living in a similar religious cult. I find it fascinating and very entertaining. I’m with ya on Nascar, though.

  8. Good point, Karla, re: the housewives. Yeah, I feel pretty darned well adjusted watching them. Although I get so stressed watching them argue! I want to smack them, tell the to grow up, and let them know they are setting a horrible example! Especially when they claim to be experts in etiquette and class. (Yes, I have watched my fair share of these things and know the characters pretty well – yes, characters. They can’t really be like that! Can they?)

  9. My main worry with shows like”Housewives” is the same one as I have with Jerry Springer. It is becoming more and more apparent to me that some people are exposed to this stuff, see it as “normal” and begin behaving like this, themselves!