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Let’s Dish News

Well, it’s official. I have a print release date for Let’s Dish. I am going to have a lot to celebrate on New Year’s Day, because not only is it the beginning of a new year, it’s the day Let’s Dish hits the streets. So look for it in your local bookstore on 01-01-10. Ones and zeros are wild, apparently.

Another great review, by the way, courtesy of Fallen Angels.  And, of course, thanks to everyone who has read their own copy of Let’s Dish. It sounds cliche, but it really is humbling to think that people are reading my little book.  And some are even liking it.


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Absentee Blogger -By the Numbers

I know, I’ve been absent all week. And honestly. through May, the blogging might be slim to none. I know I’ve said this a lot this year, but it’s true – it’s the day job. Been a kick-butt year and the end is still not in sight.

For those of you not familiar with what I do 9-5, I work for a school service agency that provides psychological evaluation services for children in surrounding school districts who may be in need of special education. My job is mostly writing up the evals. I also do some day-to-day admin stuff, like bills and Federal aid/grant applications, but by far, the biggest job for me is taking the evaluations that the school psychologist and special ed teachers do and compile them into a report. We normally do about 110 of these a year.

We’re right now at 120, and we have 30 more to go.

I did the math this morning. I should never do the math. You see, an average psych report is about 20 pages long. 20 x 30 = 600 pages. When I write a manuscript, it normally turns out about 300 pages. Double spaced. In the next month, I have to write 600 pages single spaced.

No wonder I’m tired.

Now it’s not like I have to plot to write a psych report, and some of that page count is taken up by charts, but the sheer amount of work is weighing on me. But at the end of May, we’re done. Then I can breathe. And write. Maybe.

Yes, I’d love some cheese with my whine, thank you.


In good news, the lovely ladies over at Literary Nymphs gave Let’s Dish their highest rating of 5 Nymphs! Thanks, ladies. And Let’s Dish is now available in the UK! That’s pretty cool. Then again, I also found it pirated at a couple sites. Grrrr.

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My Favorite Recipe for Cub Scouts

Let me preface this by saying I’m a good cook. I am too! But lately, I have had some real dogs. Let me share my latest fiasco.

Recipe for Cub Scout Pack Meeting Treats:

1. Get brilliant idea for dinosaur-shaped Rice Crispie treats made with caramels. They’ll be delicious!

2. Go buy caramels, cereal, marshmallows, and look for a dino cookie cutter, since the theme is Jurassic Pack.

3. Go buy more cereal, because 50 cub scouts is a lot.  Toss the dino since it’s too big to make enough bars.

4. Make the treats – put into pan lined with waxed paper and then roll out using waxed paper. It won’t stick.

5. When waxed paper sticks, swear, and try chilling the treats in the refrigerator.

6. Tug at the paper for awhile, get majorly sticky, decide to freeze treats.

7. When paper is still stuck, swear some more, give up, and give them to your kids to pick at and eat.

8. Go to store. Buy Brownine mix.

9. Start mixing brownies. Discover you have no vegetable oil.

10. Call neighbor for vegetable oil. Get oil. Make brownies.

11.  Watch brownies very carefully because you are making them in a shallow pan and know they will cook faster.

12. Keep checking brownies. Put them back in over for five minutes because they still look too gooey.

13. Cool brownies for an hour before cutting. Then try cutting them, realizing that the *&(^ers are overcooked and crunchy instead of gooey.
14. Decide to frost them and call them “fudge bars” and see if you can get away with it.
15. Decide you can’t serve these things, give up, and pull out the bag of Chips Ahoy you bought yesterday but haven’t opened yet. Luckily.
Yes. That has been my day. I quit!!


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&%*#ing Windows Update

Okay, I knew better. And I still did it. Read all about the latest stupid virus and the article said if you have the latest security updated, you’re protected. So I did it. The unthinkable. I ran Windows Update.

And now my computer’s *&*^ed up.

My hate/hate relationship with Windows Update happened about a year ago when I let it download and then couldn’t start my computer. And when I finally got it running, I couldn’t get online. $80 later at the computer hospital, they told me that the culprit was the update.

No. Really?

So last night, stupid me ran Windows Update. Like an idiot. Because I’m apparently learning impaired. As soon as it finished installing, MS Word went bye-bye until I downloaded Office again. Now whenever I try to run Outlook, my computer kindly tells me that Windows is not configured to run the program. And it runs like a narcaleptic snail. On downers.

Yes, I uninstalled all the updates. Yes, I tried to restore the drive, but the bugger tells me there are no restore points. Liar!! So odds are pretty good to put Humpty Dumpty back together again, it will be another $80 to the computer hospital.

It drove me to wine. Yes, wine. I love wine, but it doesn’t love me. Gives me headaches, but since I already had one…

True confession time – I love those fruity wines that only teenagers drink. You know, the sugary sweet ones? The wine snob in me (and there’s one in everyone) is appalled by this. But I really love a bottle of blackberry Merlot.

So it’s with a head full of blackberry Merlot that I go in search of a solution.

Crap. Virus scanner’s down now, too. Great. I’ll probably get a virus trying to avoid getting a virus. Bonus.


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jensen ackles
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And Then the Cat Gets Tangled in the Cord

Still searching for my next project – have about five possibilities, but nothing is calling to me. Could it be that the day job has finally sucked the life out of me?  Hmmm – could be.

In the meantime, allow me to share a few fun things from my Easter weekend.

First off, I am working on a new blog post for the Samhain site. Leah and I are scheduled for the same day, and decided to coordinate our blogs. So we’re talking about sex! Well, she’s talking about sex. I’m talking about how to avoid talking about sex. (Gee – wonder what my google search results will look like this week.)  So what I want to know, dear readers, is what you’re comfortable with? Can you comfortably read a graphic scene sitting in the doctor’s waiting room, or do you hit that first sex scene in Outlander and blush despite being the only person in the room? (Was listening to that book on CD one day in the car, by the way. With the kids. Had to mute for quite awhile. ) Do you like the door to be closed, or do you even want to go near the door? Or would you like to know exactly what happens blow-by-blow?Let me know what you think.

Also this weekend, I discovered there is an entire website dedicated to Deviled Eggs.  I was looking around for something different, and came across her site. Good for her – if you love something, make a website about it. Still used my own recipe, though. And still had leftovers. Huh.

I am also proud to report that my elderly cat Teddy, who has been standoffish since he was a kitten, is now a cuddler. Well, he’s always liked his belly rubbed, but now he likes to tuck under the covers with me while I hold him like a teddy bear. Works well with the name, don’t you think? He’s 15 now, and while he still acts like a kitten, I suppose he’s slowing down a bit and just likes the body heat.  I love it. Except, of course, when I am trying to work on the laptop and he curls around the cord. This eight-pound cat has actually torn my laptop from my lap on several occasions just by rolling over.

I guess he wants to be involved in the writing process.

Hope everyone had a great long weekend! Now back to work. Blech.


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Blogging at the Samhellion

Do you remember your first love? Read about mine and tell us about it over at the Samhellion.

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