As Worlds Collide

It’s happening. It was inevitable, but now that it’s happening, it’s a little funky. My writing life and my real life are colliding. And boy, is it interesting.

For years I’ve been “Writer Cate”, as my lovely friend Jessica calls my writing self. But Writer Cate has been closeted to most people. Some folks knew I dabbled in fiction, but most folks just overlooked that personality flaw and saw me as the mom/volunteer/employee/etc. Then I sold Let’s Dish and life changed.

Writer Cate came out of the closet and threw Cate Cate for a loop. Especially when I was interviewed by the local newspaper for an article about NaNoWriMo and the reporter used my real name, despite asking her to use my pen name.  Now I get a lot of questions about how the book is selling, when the next one is coming out, etc. I don’t mind so much, but there are moments when it’s just a little weird.

Like last night. I am sitting in a Cub Scout leader meeting. Cate Cate, that is. But then the subject of Facebook came up, and one of the ladies asked me if I was on there as Cate Cate or Writer Cate. Someone made a very slightly off-color remark about the term “Writer Cate” (say it fast and substitute a D for the T) and I didn’t get it. Not at all.

I should backtrack. I’m known for being a little naive. Okay, a lot naive. Someone brought a gag gift of some knee pads to a party one time, and I thought the implication was some Cinderella-type scrub the floors thing. And then, an hour into the party, I got the joke.

Yes, I’m slow on the uptake.

And that happens to me a lot. So when I didn’t get the joke last night, someone pointed out that as a “romance writer” shouldn’t I be getting the double entendres?

Uh, yeah, probably should.  Then again, this explains why I don’t write erotica.

So will Writer Cate and Cate Cate ever co-exist peacefully? Yeah, probably not. Mostly because Writer Cate sometimes sneaks into Cate Cate’s head in the middle of something important and I end up plotting when I should be  – I dunno – living my life? In the meantime, though, my friends are going to have a great time messing with me. Eh, it’s all in good fun.

So how about anyone out there? Living a double life? Something you do that people would be surprised to find out about you? Time to ‘fess up.



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5 responses to “As Worlds Collide

  1. I’ve never written a book, shot a movie or anything that deserves to make me even slightly gossip worthy but I sympathise.
    I had a username that I used for my online life so I could ask mundane questions without being ‘stalked’ by my scouts. However once my Explorer Scouts found me out I had no end of comments and jests about my online life, it certainly made me uneasy about launching an online business if I was going to keep responses on my work professional.
    And once the initial wow gossip wore off it was actually quite beneficial, the upper aged groups and their Leaders were quite supportive and have often given referrals.
    My Explorers knew where the line between personal and professional was and have behaved accordingly.
    As for follow up questions like “Hows business?” its only normal, they’re never experienced book sales and want to live vicariously through yourself. If they were an environmental artist I’m sure you’d ask what they’d decorated recently. I suppose its like the Felicia Hardy/Black Cat or Clark Kent/Superman dual identity crisis.

  2. The good news about writers, Mike, is we’re a little multi-personalitied anyway. (Is that a word?) So I’m sure duality is nothing new. Just is to me. LOL

    Enjoy those scouts! God help me, I’m camping out for four days this summer with a bunch of them up in the wilds of Northern Minnesota!!

  3. Even with the explanation, I am apparently missing the dirty meaning….

  4. LOL It’s okay, Linda. It took explanation and a few seconds to process it for me to get it. I didn’t say it was a GOOD dirty joke. 😉