And Then the Cat Gets Tangled in the Cord

Still searching for my next project – have about five possibilities, but nothing is calling to me. Could it be that the day job has finally sucked the life out of me?  Hmmm – could be.

In the meantime, allow me to share a few fun things from my Easter weekend.

First off, I am working on a new blog post for the Samhain site. Leah and I are scheduled for the same day, and decided to coordinate our blogs. So we’re talking about sex! Well, she’s talking about sex. I’m talking about how to avoid talking about sex. (Gee – wonder what my google search results will look like this week.)  So what I want to know, dear readers, is what you’re comfortable with? Can you comfortably read a graphic scene sitting in the doctor’s waiting room, or do you hit that first sex scene in Outlander and blush despite being the only person in the room? (Was listening to that book on CD one day in the car, by the way. With the kids. Had to mute for quite awhile. ) Do you like the door to be closed, or do you even want to go near the door? Or would you like to know exactly what happens blow-by-blow?Let me know what you think.

Also this weekend, I discovered there is an entire website dedicated to Deviled Eggs.  I was looking around for something different, and came across her site. Good for her – if you love something, make a website about it. Still used my own recipe, though. And still had leftovers. Huh.

I am also proud to report that my elderly cat Teddy, who has been standoffish since he was a kitten, is now a cuddler. Well, he’s always liked his belly rubbed, but now he likes to tuck under the covers with me while I hold him like a teddy bear. Works well with the name, don’t you think? He’s 15 now, and while he still acts like a kitten, I suppose he’s slowing down a bit and just likes the body heat.  I love it. Except, of course, when I am trying to work on the laptop and he curls around the cord. This eight-pound cat has actually torn my laptop from my lap on several occasions just by rolling over.

I guess he wants to be involved in the writing process.

Hope everyone had a great long weekend! Now back to work. Blech.



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6 responses to “And Then the Cat Gets Tangled in the Cord

  1. Um, there were sex scenes in Outlander? Yes, I have read it, but honestly? I think they were very very tame. Glad you posted this – it’ll give me something more to blog about on my side. 😀

    As for the rest of your questions, you’ll just have to read my blog post. 😉 But then again, you already know what I like, considering what I write.

    And Awww about Teddy – he sounds so sweet. I miss having an animal around. I love cats, but I’m allergic. *pout*

  2. Well, let’s just say the sex scenes in Outlander are not for the under 18 set. LOL

    I would die without a cat. Seriously – I love my kitties. All three of ours are the same age, though, and one has cancer, so we’re not looking forward to the next couple years with them. But my Ted – oh, he’s such a sweetie, but definitely my cat. I am just loving the snuggling. Except when he puts my arm to sleep.

    And that’s about all anyone will ever know about what happens in my bedroom. Repressed? Eh. Could be. 😉

  3. I came back to your blog and took another look at that title and well, let’s just say my erotica-writing mind took that title, remembered my heroine in my WIP has a cat, and now there’s a bedroom scene about her cat getting tangled in a cord at a most inauspicious moment … (You blushing yet? Because if you are, then your MIND is just as dirty as mine, LOL)

  4. Heheh never said my mind wasn’t dirty. I just don’t feel comfortable talking about it. 😉

    Remind me to tell you a story about a poorly-timed (like there’s a good time) dog-puking incident.

  5. I used to write with my cat draped across my wrists. This was when I used a desktop for most of my writing. He would lie on my lap, and the only thing I could move were my fingers. It is a good thing I am a touch typist. I miss that cat. We don’t have one now although the kids are campaigning — hubby is allergic.

    And I would much rather imagine Leah’s cat cord scene than the dog puke images I’m getting. Now I know two things that happened in your bedroom, Cate.

    I listen to audio books a LOT, and I have learned to be very cute with the “mute” when the kids are in the car.

    I don’t mind reading sex scenes, but I do prefer the ones that leave most to the imagination.

  6. LOL Linda – for someone who likes her privacy, I’m revealing a lot, huh?