&%*#ing Windows Update

Okay, I knew better. And I still did it. Read all about the latest stupid virus and the article said if you have the latest security updated, you’re protected. So I did it. The unthinkable. I ran Windows Update.

And now my computer’s *&*^ed up.

My hate/hate relationship with Windows Update happened about a year ago when I let it download and then couldn’t start my computer. And when I finally got it running, I couldn’t get online. $80 later at the computer hospital, they told me that the culprit was the update.

No. Really?

So last night, stupid me ran Windows Update. Like an idiot. Because I’m apparently learning impaired. As soon as it finished installing, MS Word went bye-bye until I downloaded Office again. Now whenever I try to run Outlook, my computer kindly tells me that Windows is not configured to run the program. And it runs like a narcaleptic snail. On downers.

Yes, I uninstalled all the updates. Yes, I tried to restore the drive, but the bugger tells me there are no restore points. Liar!! So odds are pretty good to put Humpty Dumpty back together again, it will be another $80 to the computer hospital.

It drove me to wine. Yes, wine. I love wine, but it doesn’t love me. Gives me headaches, but since I already had one…

True confession time – I love those fruity wines that only teenagers drink. You know, the sugary sweet ones? The wine snob in me (and there’s one in everyone) is appalled by this. But I really love a bottle of blackberry Merlot.

So it’s with a head full of blackberry Merlot that I go in search of a solution.

Crap. Virus scanner’s down now, too. Great. I’ll probably get a virus trying to avoid getting a virus. Bonus.



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4 responses to “&%*#ing Windows Update

  1. Oh boy, I’m glad I didn’t read this two days ago. I keep auto-updates on, but for someone it hadn’t updated for a while (somehow the time to update had been set to 3 a.m. when I’m not on) Mine’s updated now, but I may have thought twice if I’d read this.

  2. I just got mine working again. Had to run Scan disc – twice – and the last time took four hours there were so many errors. Now I think if I defragment – for the second time in as many days – I’ve got it running again.

    Had to completely remove and re-install Office, too. Yikes! Never again.

  3. That sucks. Hugs.

    My computer has been groaning. Now it hasn’t in a couple of days, but I wait for it to start again.

  4. I’m rather naughty, I never have it on. Although on one of my ‘puters Norton loves giving me a hard time about it, funny how the other 2 Protectors don’t seem to care as much…..perhaps they know something we don’t!