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I know, I’ve been absent all week. And honestly. through May, the blogging might be slim to none. I know I’ve said this a lot this year, but it’s true – it’s the day job. Been a kick-butt year and the end is still not in sight.

For those of you not familiar with what I do 9-5, I work for a school service agency that provides psychological evaluation services for children in surrounding school districts who may be in need of special education. My job is mostly writing up the evals. I also do some day-to-day admin stuff, like bills and Federal aid/grant applications, but by far, the biggest job for me is taking the evaluations that the school psychologist and special ed teachers do and compile them into a report. We normally do about 110 of these a year.

We’re right now at 120, and we have 30 more to go.

I did the math this morning. I should never do the math. You see, an average psych report is about 20 pages long. 20 x 30 = 600 pages. When I write a manuscript, it normally turns out about 300 pages. Double spaced. In the next month, I have to write 600 pages single spaced.

No wonder I’m tired.

Now it’s not like I have to plot to write a psych report, and some of that page count is taken up by charts, but the sheer amount of work is weighing on me. But at the end of May, we’re done. Then I can breathe. And write. Maybe.

Yes, I’d love some cheese with my whine, thank you.


In good news, the lovely ladies over at Literary Nymphs gave Let’s Dish their highest rating of 5 Nymphs! Thanks, ladies. And Let’s Dish is now available in the UK! That’s pretty cool. Then again, I also found it pirated at a couple sites. Grrrr.


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