Just Call Me Shorty

It finally happened. I knew it would. It was, after all, inevitable. It’ll happen again, too. Has to.

Yes, one of my kids is finally taller than me.

Not that it takes much – I’m only 5’4″ and change.  But this morning – the last day of school – the husband insisted we measure the kids with the idea that we’ll remeasure come September to see how much they’ve grown. Won’t matter. I’ll still be looking up at the oldest.

Our first born is 14 in less than a month, so I suppose he’s a little late in stretching past me. But this morning, the little turkey is 5′ 5″. Almost a full inch taller than me.  The second son is in between growth spurts, but he’s due. He’s 4’9″ but I expect a full five feet before the end of the summer. The younest – well, he’s mid-spurt at 4’5″. Among the tallest in his third grade class.

Also today marks another milestone in our family -we only have one child in elementary after this. The second son will move into Middle School next year with our oldest. Two years later, we’ll have two middle schoolers and a high school kid. Crazy! Where did the years go? Where are my babies?

Not babies anymore, that’s for sure. In fact, it looks like the oldest might have to start shaving.

Sigh… I feel so old.



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2 responses to “Just Call Me Shorty

  1. LOL, I always used to be the second tallest, now I’m the shortest, and my husband still denies that he’s now the second shortest in the family. My youngest is now the tallest, much to my eldest’s dismay.

    (and yes, doesn’t it make you feel old? Wait til they bring home their girlfriends.)

  2. Too late, Leah – my middle one has a “girlfriend” who, admittedly, is a little more keen than he is. But he’s not exactly fighting her off!