I Should Write Science Fiction

First off, thanks to everyone for the kind words of support. As I write this, the hubs is across the room watching a cartoon with the kids and is feeling actually okay, so the good thoughts must be helping. Keep ’em coming.

Also, just found out my in-real-life buddy Jessica pops in to read this blog on occasion, so I had to embarrass her by mentioning it. She’s a great lady, though – and she looks like Anne Hathaway. I keep forgetting to tell her that’s who she reminds me of. So there you go.

At any rate, I do have a point in my rambling tonight, though I think the whole subject might reveal the true extent of my recent sleep deprivation. I grew up reading sci fi – stuff like Star Trek novels, the MYTH series (which, yes, is technically fantasy) and lots and lots of Piers Anthony. I dabbled in the genre – heck, my first book was a Star Trek knock-off when I was in eighth grade – but never really dove in. But as I watched TV with the youngest yesterday, I was tempted to try again.

We were both fully engrossed in a program about the solar system. The narrator went through, planet by planet, and outlined why or why not the place would make a good alternative for Earth if we ever have to relocate. As they went on, I could picture these places – the moons of Saturn and Jupiter, the surface of Neptune – and had a realization. You know the type, the “duh” moments that seem so obvious and simple but carry such a deep reality that you stop and have to concentrate a moment just to make sense of it. What was this grand thought I had? That as I sat there in my bedroom, curled up with my son watching an electronic box, the moons of Jupiter and Saturn existed. Neptune is out there right now. Not some figment of someone’s imagination, but for real.

Told you it was a “duh” moment.

But it struck me that I could see it. Never in person, of course, but as a picture in my mind. I can see what it might look like, just as clearly as I can “see” a waterfall in Hawaii if I want to. Just as I can “see” Maggie behind the counter at Let’s Dish, and I can “see” Alexandria in her Howie’s Hardware tee-shirt at Blotz Spirit Shop. (That would be a not-so-subtle teaser for my new book, by the way. Who says I can’t market myself? Too bad it’s not on sale. Or written. Technicalities.)

So obviously there’s a reason I’m a fiction writer. I can envision people and places I’ve never actually met or been to. But as I thought about these planets in our solar system, I got to thinking about the what ifs. What if there is a planet out there just like Earth? What if we could find a way to walk on the surface of Venus without instantly frying? What if we ever do need to leave the Earth and move on?

And then an idea sparked. Been awhile since I had one of those, to be honest, and it got me thinking. Why not sci fi? Just because I wrote a romantic comedy, does that mean I’m married to the genre forever? Or can I indulge my adventurous side by traveling to worlds far away?

Well, the simple answer is I can do anything I want. The trick is selling it. Then again, is that the point?

Told you I hadn’t been sleeping.



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5 responses to “I Should Write Science Fiction

  1. Jessica

    I’m officially so embarrassed.

  2. At your service, ma’am. 🙂

  3. I look forward to reading some of your work just remember that since Star Wars made Sci-Fi a big part of pop culture its been a common misconception that the only definition of Sci-Fi means set in space! I hate to post a link but try watching “The Man from Earth” or even “The Outer Limits” both prime examples that your imagination doesn’t have to leave the planet to write Science Fiction.

  4. I’m there, too!

    I’ve been rethinking my wip for 4 months while I’ve been too busy to write because of our business. It needed some indefinable something to make it more marketable. Then I had one of those mini-awakenings with a scene – a paranormal character showed up and turned the book on it’s head. (My mother worked for NASA, and I used to read nothing but SciFi! I’d forgotten my roots, lol!)

    Now, I’m excited, scared, my internal critic is going nuts. But I’m researching and rebuilding the world as a paranormal.

    I have to keep telling myself, I can do this.

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