Life’s Little Mood Barometer – the WalMart Parking Lot

Ever notice how some days, it all comes down to where you can park your car? Think about it. How stoked are you when you get that primo spot right in front of the store? Unless you’re the masochistic type who likes to walk a mile with a cart that pulls to one side, you’re pretty stoked. (I’m sorry – did I not mention that I’m on a diet and hate people who love to eat healthy foods and exercise?)

So the other day, I got that primo spot. We’re talking near the door and right next to the cart corral. Serisouly. Doesn’t get much better than that. I sailed through the store, got what I needed and (gasp) didn’t forget a single thing! Amazing! The rest of my day went similarly, and I just cruised right through in a blissful haze.

Then we get to today. I not only have to park eight blocks away, but while I was walking up to the store, I nearly get hit. Twice. The store itself was a mess – aparently it was teenyboppy day at Wally World. If you didn’t say Oh my GAWWWD and  giggle until the people around you wanted to puke, you were not allowed in. How did I sneak through?

So of course I forgot everything I needed. Well, I did get the Ranch dressing. Fat Free Ranch dressing instead of the edible stuff, though. Which I didn’t discover until I got home. Sigh…

Off to work, where next year’s entire budget imploded, partially thanks to how we can and can’t spend stimulus dollars. Then it was off to the DMV to renew my driver’s license. I was actually pretty lucky that I discovered it needed to be renewed, because I wasn’t thinking about it. But the legislature sneaked through a bill that more than doubles the current fee, so an article in the paper alerted me that I should take a peek.

Everyone and their dog had the same peek.

When I got there, the line was 50 deep. It took an hour and a half sitting there at the DMV amongst screaming kids and crabby patrons (my youngest, luckily, was good as gold) and then I couldn’t even get a real license. I got a permit. Their camera is broken so they can’t take those oh-so-lovely mug shots which grace our licenses. So now I get to go back in thirty days. I’m so excited.

So yeah, for me, that WalMart parking spot seems to be an indicator of what kind of day I’m going to have. Maybe next time I should try Target. Except they don’t have those frozen burgers the kids love. Shoot! That’s what I forgot!

Ahh well, back tomorrow morning. Wonder what kind of parking spot I’ll get.


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