When to Say Goodbye

I have fallen in love with several series over the years, both books and TV. Heck, even a few movie series, too.  But what happens when that series starts to disappoint?

There have been a few that jumped the shark for me. Sometimes the characters don’t grow and mature, sometimes it’s evident that the people behind it are in it for the money and not for the quality, and sometimes the pressure of a successful series gets to the writer. I think that’s what happened with the series I just finished.

At least I hope it’s finished. The last book seemed to be written as a farewell. A few loose ends seemed to be tied up, the main character is settled, etc. But the series that started out so fun and well-written turned hurried and almost unedited in the end. At one point, the author even plugged a book from another series she wrote. Within the story. Kinda bad form, if you ask me. But no one did.

The main character grew and changed, but instead of becoming a better person, she got pushy and a little bitchy. Now if you’ve read Let’s Dish, you realize I know all about bitchy characters. But the idea is that the character grows out of that, not into it.

So what started out so wonderful has left me rather sad and disappointed. Then again, living in a glass house I shouldn’t be throwing stones. So as a reader, I leave this series behind with a sad goodbye. I’ll go back and read the first books, but will try to wipe the last few out of my head. As a writer, though, I will embrace those final books and hope to learn from them. Never use the cheap, obvious plot point. Don’t leave plot holes the size of the grand canyon. Keep the scenes relevant and don’t meander off into what my heroine has for dinner, unless it matters.

Now let’s see if I can follow my own cardinal rules, shall we?


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