Conference Envy

A lot of my friends are at RWA National in Washington, DC this week. I am pea green with envy! When I sold Let’s Dish a year ago, my first thought was, “I’m going to DC a published author.” Yeah, well, no. I’d decided a few months later that it didn’t make much sense to go this year because I wouldn’t have a print edition out yet, so it’s hard to do a signing.  And then the whole cancer thing hit, so I’m pretty well grounded for quite awhile. But I figured I’d submit it for a RITA for Nashville in 2010.

Two problems with that. Since it will have a print date of 2010, it’s not eligible for a RITA until New York in 2011, and secondly, since it’s not “mass produced” and is instead a POD title, unless things change drastically, it’s not eligible for a RITA at all. Then again, since I’m technically published, I’m not eligible to enter for a Golden Heart either. Thanks, RWA. Grrr.

But all that political garbage set aside, I’m really getting a conference craving. I went to New Jersey a couple years ago, and that ultimately led to my selling to Samhain. But even more than that, I had a blast! It renewed my energies, got me thinking like a writer again, and really charged my batteries. I am badly in need of a recharge.

Conferences are exhausting and sometimes expensive, but to be amist other writers – especially those who don’t give you that look when you say you write romance – is priceless. And I miss it. I am hoping to be able to make it to the South Dakota Festival of Books in October, but I’m not holding my breath since the husband will be gearing up for a stem cell transplant about that time. Then again, I might just stow away with my librarian and go anyway.

As far as other conferences, I’ll have to wait and see. I hope to make it to New York in 2011, but a lot depends on health issues and kid issues. In the meantime, I have to find my solace in all my online friends and readers. After all, nothing recharges your batteries like someone telling you they want to read your next book. And I get that a lot, lately, so thanks to all of you out there for keeping me going.

But I’m still envying all my buds hanging out in the bar tonight talking about their books. Maybe next year, guys. I hope!

Oh, one last note! Good luck to my good friend CJ Barry who’s up for a RITA Saturday night. I’m pulling for you, Cindy!



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4 responses to “Conference Envy

  1. Did you see the latest RWA hotsheet that came out today – it may be eligible, they took away the mass produced element from what I understand of it.

    But I hear you on missing DC. I REALLY wanted to go this year, especially since my series is set there. But I can’t afford it. My sights are now set on Nashville too. Or RT in Columbus. Or Lori Foster in Cincinnati. (Akk, all these ways to spend money!)

  2. I had planned to go to RT, but again, health issues will dictate that. And if I can ever convince myself to set foot on a plane again. hehe

  3. Rebecca

    I can’t believe I had to miss D.C. Then again, I can’t believe I had to miss Atlanta! Two of my favorite places (albeit maybe not in July)! I’d love to go to another conference, too… let’s try to do it together, again!

  4. Come along to RT in April, Reb. Columbus, OH. It’s a reader con, though, so a little different than when we went to Jersey. Actually, from what I’ve seen, a LOT different. As in a lot of half-naked guys. That’s gonna take some getting used to. LOL