Addicted to the BBC

Some of you already know of my BBC obsession. It is an obsession. Sometimes I watch more British TV than I do American, mostly because I enjoy British humor so much more. It’s dry and you have to think about it sometimes. American humor, at least on TV, tends to be a little juvenile and blue. Then again, living with three adolescent males might have something to do with that perception.

I’m spreading my addiction, by the way. The youngest was enraptured when we saw Torchwood had a mini series starting, and is waiting impatiently for tonight’s Doctor Who. torchwood460And we’re both annoyed that we don’t get the series at the same time they do in the UK, but that’s life across the pond.

A while ago, I blogged that I should write science fiction. These two series prove that I could never do it well. The twists and turns they take! I never see it coming. Well, rarely. And, as one commenter stated, science fiction does not necessarily need to take place on other planets. Torchwood proves that point perfectly, and the writers – well, I am in awe. Although, as my 9-year-old son pointed out, they missed something. Plot hole alert! Oh, and spoiler alert, too.

If Jack can regenerate from bits, after blowing him up, wouldn’t there be several Jacks regenerating?

Then again, maybe this is how they would bring him back for Series 4 now that he’s all gloomy and depressed.

The writing for these series, though, is amazing. They back the characters into a no-win situation – really, there’s no way out – and then manage to get them out of it anyway! Trust me, I’m taking notes. These are the lessons every writer of every genre needs to learn and re-learn.

So by watching the Beeb for hours on end, can I consider that “writing” time?

And what’s my excuse for my Mythbusters addiction?


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  1. Being raised by two Brit ex-pats, I grew up watching British shows, though I’ve not followed Torchwood. Yet. (Hearing about it from so many ppl is making me want to see it.)

    Mythbusters? I can’t explain that, but my family’s hooked on it too. (Did you know you can friend them over on Facebook?)