20 Years? No Way!

So tonight, the East High School class of 1989 begins their 20-year high school reunion. I won’t be there. I was planning on it, but then the husband got sick, so all our plans were put on hold, including a trip back to see the old crew.

I went to our 10-year, and had a really wonderful time. Despite being pregnant, that is. I anticipated having a little better time this year, if you know what I mean. (Drink!) But that’s life, and the good news is thanks to sites like Facebook and Twitter, I’ve gotten in contact with a lot of friends from way back when.East

Life has changed a lot since I was a very naive 17-year-old. (Yes, I graduated young.) But times like this always make me wonder what have I done, anyway. Well, for those of you who care (and really, who does), here are a few highlights:

1. I went to college to earn a completely useless degree in music education.

2. Taught for one whole year before I realized life was too short to teach music for a living.

3. But not before marrying the only other single teacher in town.

4. Got married, moved, and proceeded to have three boys.

5. Who give me grey hair from countless hospital and ER visits.

6. Taught music lessons and ran a daycare for four years.

7. Realized I hate kids, and quit the daycare. Took a “brain dead” job, which turned into a huge commitment within two short years.

8. In the last ten years, I have written five novels, hundreds of psychological evaluations, and a few dozen absolutely torturous freelance articles for magazines, anthologies and websites.

9. Have sold two novels, and am working on marketing a third. (Gotta edit or write it first, depending on what project I finally decide on.)

10. Well, ten seems like a nice round number, but I can’t remember anything specific I’ve done that’s worth mentioning, so I will go for the honest choice: I got fat. Gained a short ton with the boys, and have been trying to get rid of it ever since. There you go. Ten.

So how boring am I?  Hey! Wake up over there!

Happy anniversary, class of 1989. Have a drink for me.


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