Another ATA Excerpt

Another excerpt for you from Another Time Around. Brin’s ready to commit to David, but is he the man she thinks he is?

Brin marched all the way to David’s apartment. It had taken her over an hour to get there, but she didn’t feel the least bit tired. On the contrary, she felt that the time had done her good. Her thoughts were organized, she was confident and her head was clear.

She was in love with him. That much she knew. He was unlike anyone she’d ever met before, forthright and irreverent. She loved that. David wasn’t about appearances. David was about telling it like it was.

Yes, she loved him, but the little game he was playing was the last straw for the new Brin. She was going to put it to him plainly. Either he knocked it off and told her what he felt or he could get lost. She was prepared for either. Losing him wouldn’t be the worst thing that had ever happened to her. Still, she was hoping that she’d be spending the night in his bed. A good roll in the sack right now would sure release some pent-up tension.

She waited impatiently for Lilli to take care of business, scanning her surroundings for signs of a vicious killer. In the hour she’d walked, she’d also considered just how risky it was to be out alone. And she’d forgotten the damned cell phone again. Once she was with David, she knew she’d be safe, but standing at a fire hydrant with a huge but useless dog was probably not the best idea.

The doorman let her in with a nod, and Brin felt a little better when the elevator doors closed. She leaned her head back against the metal wall and took a deep breath. She was safe now.

David’s hallway was empty, but she could hear a party in full swing as she passed his neighbor’s door. Good. Then they couldn’t hear her if she got a little loud.

She was surprising herself. Never had she been so brazen, so obvious in her motive, even to herself. But this was the new Brin and the new Brin was a whole different ball of wax. To put her plan in motion, she undid two buttons on her top and adjusted her cleavage. I dare ya not to notice that.

When she rapped on the door, it slid open slightly. She wrinkled her brow. It hadn’t been latched. She meant only to crack the door an inch or two, but Lilli had other ideas. She barreled into the room at a lope, pulling Brin with her.

“David?” she called tentatively as she let Lilli go. “David, are you here?” All the lights were on, but David was nowhere to be found. “Hello?”

It seemed odd that a former policeman would leave his apartment unlocked—the door open and all the lights on. She heard a noise coming from upstairs, and went to investigate.

David’s bedroom was at the top of the stairs, and the king-sized bed called to her. She found the source of the noise as a TV news anchor chattered on about France’s role in something or other. Looking out over the railing onto the rest of the apartment, she could see the place was empty.

Brin snapped off the TV and went back downstairs. Perhaps he had just popped out for a few moments and would return. How sexy would it be if he came home to Brin, wearing nothing but a smile, stretched out on his couch? She glanced in the bathroom mirror and inspected her body. Okay, maybe just an afghan thrown across her strategically to hide a few lumps and bumps.

She was hatching the plan when she realized the red light in the darkroom was on. The door was slightly ajar, but perhaps David was in there, so engrossed in his work that he hadn’t noticed her wandering around his apartment. It was worth a shot.

Tapping on the door with her nails, Brin slid it open. “Sexy, you in here? I have plans for you, hot stuff.”

She froze in the doorway.


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