Waiting for the Reviews to Roll In

Every author will tell you they don’t keep their eyes open for new reviews of their books.

Every author is lying.

Okay, maybe not every author says this, and maybe some who say it really mean it. Then again, how many of those same people have a google alert set up on their book? But it is a sad admission for me that I have been scanning those google alerts for reviews of Another Time Around. It’s early yet, I know, and I have had terrific reader feedback, which is all that really matters. Still, sometimes you want to know what the “professionals” think.

My very first review was horrible! The reviewer panned Let’s Dish up one side and down the other. Did it hurt? Yeah, a little, but I knew I’d get bad reviews. Of course, when then next review was also a bad one, I panicked a little.  However, I soon learned to wait and see, and was rewarded by several much more positive reviews. Did they translate into sales? I have no idea, but it’s good to read that someone out there on the interwebs understood Maggie and “got” her.

So now I wait with somewhat-baited breath to see if someone “gets” Brin.  Such a shameful admission, I know! I’m not supposed to care – I’m supposed to let it out of my hands and into the world to be bashed and bruised at will. But I do care. It’s not an ego thing, really it’s not. In fact, I took every point made in those bad reviews of Let’s Dish and learned from them.

So if a bad review is a learning process, how come they still sting? Oh yeah – I’m still human. Man, that’s just not fair.


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