Goal Oriented

It’s been a million years since I posted – I know. Bad, bad blogger. What can I say? It’s been a busy couple of weeks. Add a cold on top, and the blog gets ignored.

But now the husband is back up on his feet and, if all goes well, back to work next week, so hopefully I can spend a little time with my laptop. I have got some serious goals to hit in the next few weeks.

The countdown to NaNo is on, and I swear I am going to write Happy Medium at last. Only had that plot in my head for two years now. You’d think it has brewed long enough to get something down. In fact, I think I need to toss what I have and start all over again.  I only have about 60 pages, so it’s not a huge loss. And I’ll save what I have to refer back to. We shall see.

Before I do that, though, there is another project I have to finish. The same project I was going to have done by the end of winter, then by the end of the summer, and now the new deadline is the end of October: Guys and Dogs. The sucker is written, though in my usual fashion, I started in the wrong place. Not entirely, though. I just needed to tweak it to add more conflict. That was accomplished Friday night near midnight when I came home from a writers’ group. Now I just need to tweak the rest of chapter one, edit the rest of the book (making my big bad not quite as bad as he turned out to be), write a synopsis and query and – here’s the kicker – get that sucker out to an agent! This is my goal. By Halloween, I want Guys and Dogs off to an agent.

So stay tuned for the ride. I might even share a few snippets as I go.

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