Recipe of the Week – Pork Sandwiches

This recipe comes from a friend at work, who is an amazing cook. When she first told me, I looked at her like she was nuts, but tried it and I’m glad I did. This is a easy week-night dinner which takes all of about five minutes prep and another five minutes to get ready to serve. And the best part?  Buy cheap meat! I bought a rump roast that was 98 cents per pound! Can be made with beef, also.

1 pork (or beef) roast
1 12-oz can root beer (Yes! Really! Root beer!)
1 bottle BBQ sauce

Put roast and root beer in a crock pot and cook on low for 6 hours. Drain liquid and “pull” the meat into shreds, discarding bones and fat. Put shredded meat back into crock pot and add one bottle barbeque sauce. Let cook on low an additional hour, and serve on buns.

I served it with chips (’cause I have kids) and Brussel sprouts (’cause I have weird kids who love Brussel spouts done in garlic butter), and still have plenty for another meal! Love a two-fer!



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5 responses to “Recipe of the Week – Pork Sandwiches

  1. Rebecca

    I’m totally gonna try this, possibly tomorrow! Thanks!


  2. Oh, just a note – you might want to use two forks to shred the meat. Too hot to pull by hand!

  3. slow cooker. I’ll have to get one (I was given three when I got married, never used two of them – gave them away, broke the third one’s liner years ago)

    This is a recipe I might actually be able to handle without burning (maybe), and something my boys might eat without wrinkling their nose.

  4. Rebecca

    OMG, it is SO good. I cooked up a crock of it today, so DH could take some back to Erie with him tomorrow, and the kids and I will have it for dinner tomorrow night. 🙂 Thanks!

  5. I know! I was skeptical when Rox told me, but am totally sold! Will definitely make it again. And again, and again…