Uh – Whoops!

I meant to post my NaNoWriMo total today. I figured it should be pretty good, too, since I am raring to write.  Well, um, you see, a few things got in the way. One was the time change. It always makes me stupid, and now I’m falling into bed about 9:30 half dead. Secondly… well, let’s be honest here. I got in my own way.

I was going to work on Happy Medium again. I was going to throw out everything I’d done and rewrite it from scratch. Then I was going to keep the first page. Okay, the first chapter. Then the second, then…  Well, I got carried away and am now editing. Moron! Why am I editing? If I’m going to keep it, I should edit later, right? Just get the word count now, right? Right!

And yet, I’m still editing. What a yahoo.

So bear with me. I will write soon, and even share. Maybe.


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