NaNo Update

So I am totally not winning NaNo this year – there’s no way. My weekend looks horrible, then there’s this whole Thanksgiving thing… Anyway, I am doing what I said I wanted to do, which was get back to the keyboard on a regular basis to do something besides play on Twitter.



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2 responses to “NaNo Update

  1. I think 14K is pretty good. So you’re a little behind where you’re supposed to be on NaNo, big deal. You’re ahead of where you were at the start of the month. Don’t stress over it.

    (I just posted how I was feeling stressed by the stuff going on in my life, then saw this post and it reminded me, I’m in the little leagues in comparison to the work on your plate.)

  2. There’s no such thing as the little leagues. The stresses we have in our lives are real, no matter how “big” or “small” they are. The key, I think, is to not let them get the better of you. Which I’m failing at miserably. 🙂