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Bad Career Move

No doubt by now many have noticed how dusty the blog has become. Part of it was the holiday, part of it was the day job, but most of it is simply exhaustion from keeping up with that damned bastard cancer.

While the husband is doing fairly well, we’re still experiencing complications thanks to the litany of drugs he’s on and the joys that come along with leukemia. When he was diagnosed with a blood clot two days before Christmas, I knew something had to go if I was going to maintain my sanity. The thing that’s going to be swept off the books? Writing. And me with a print release a week away.

Now this is a temporary condition, but one that could have better timing. I have two books out, so I should get another out, right? Right. But life got in the way, and this time it’s enough to make me stop for awhile. I’ll still be over at the Raven and will post here on occasion, but I’m backing off for a bit until I can get the husband up and going.

So check back in from time to time. I might be here. But right now, my priority has to be my family. So see you all on the flip side.


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Truth Really Is Stranger Than Fiction

Yesterday, I went to the post office and the lady at the window told me to look out for eight buffalo. So I did the most logical thing in the world. I looked up.

Don’t ask me why I looked up for buffalo. I thought she was teasing. Like they had Santa’s sleigh with buffalo instead of reindeer or something. This is, after all, South Dakota. We have bison. But it wasn’t Santa’s sleigh she was referring to, but actual, honest-to-God buffalo.

A bunch had gotten out of a pen at the sale barn south of town, and wandered into a park and near a school. A school my children happen to attend. They were recommending that children not be allowed to walk to school in case they ran into bison on the street, but no one knew about it. My friend says she feels like mother of the year since she let her son walk to school yesterday. Apparently we’re supposed to be psychic to be good moms.

I know a lot of people consider where I live a one-horse town, but we’re generally a no-bison town. Well, except the heard north of here a ways. But basically, we’re all citified and would have no idea what to do if a buffalo was staring us down in the parking lot at work. Yep – one was close to us, too.

But a few buffalo are nothing compared to the deer who got trapped in the courtyard at the courthouse. Yep, I’m serious. I guess that was quite the deal, too. Our local paper declared the town “Wild Kingdom” after yesterday’s menagerie went through. Now that all’s said and done (with no humans harmed, though two deceased buffalo), we can sit back and laugh at the absurdity of it all.

To quote Soap Dish, why can’t I write shit like this?

So the next time you’re reading a book and think, “That’s too far fetched. That would never happen!”  Just remember eight not-so-tiny buffalo (and one deer) wandering through a small South Dakota town.  Truth really can be stranger than fiction.

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Holy Cow, It’s the Holidays!

Yes, my blog has been neglected.  And so have you, dear readers. All five of you who continue to check in. Thanks for hanging with me!

I’ve been making candy all weekend, and will share a recipe or two this week. (I still have reader recipes, too, so stay tuned for some great eats.) We’re bribing people at the office who do favors for us, so I spent the weekend making the cnady while my cohort in crime (our school psychologist) does the baking. Tomorrow we come together to make tempting trays. Or eat too mcuh sugar. Whatever you want to call it.

But coming up after the first of the year there is much excitement here at Chez Catie, with my first print release! That’s right, Let’s Dish comes out January 5th! So be looking for a chance to win your copy! Also coming to the website will be details on how to get your signed bookplate.  I’ll also be doing some signings after the first of the year, but only as time (and stem cell transplants) allow.

So stay tuned. I’ll be back, I swear!

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Over at the Raven

Is it a world full of mosters? Come find out what I think over on the Raven.

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True Stories from Jury Duty

I was listening to NPR this afternoon, and Peter Mehlman was on there discussing an article he wrote about getting out of jury duty. A couple years ago, I managed to find myself on jury duty as well. I sat on two juries – one trial we had to find him guilty (video evidence) and the second, we all knew the guy was guilty but had no solid evidence to convict. So I was running about 50/50 when the third trial came up.

I was not looking forward to this one.  It was a case where the father was accused of abusing an infant. There’s not much I can’t stomach less than child abuse. The questioning was going along as the attorneys selected potential jurors, and I just knew I was going to get picked. A mother, a former teacher, an opinionated bitch.

Never mind that last one.

As the questioning progressed, however, so did time. I’m used to sitting in an office all day, and my body is used to certain things happening at certain times. For example, I always take a restroom break at about 10 AM. Well, by 11 I was crossing my legs, and as noon came and went with no sign of a break in sight, I politely raised my hand to ask if we could have a restroom break. Talk about embarrasing! But as we entered the bathroom en masse, I was thanked by many of my co-would-be-jurors.

But as we came back into the courtroom, we knew something was up. The lawyers and the judge were twittering away, clearly agitated. When we sat back down, we found out what the scoop was.

They’d declared a mistrial. And it was all my fault.

You see, to get to the restrooms at our local courthouse, you go through a small lobby area. Apparently the mother was sitting in this lobby with her child, who wore a bib saying “I Love My Daddy.” None of us had seen it, but they couldn’t take the chance. The whole jury pool had been prejudiced, they claimed, and a new pool would have to be drawn.

So, if you ever want to get out of jury duty, try using the bathroom. It worked for me! And they haven’t called me since.

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