Holy Cow, It’s the Holidays!

Yes, my blog has been neglected.  And so have you, dear readers. All five of you who continue to check in. Thanks for hanging with me!

I’ve been making candy all weekend, and will share a recipe or two this week. (I still have reader recipes, too, so stay tuned for some great eats.) We’re bribing people at the office who do favors for us, so I spent the weekend making the cnady while my cohort in crime (our school psychologist) does the baking. Tomorrow we come together to make tempting trays. Or eat too mcuh sugar. Whatever you want to call it.

But coming up after the first of the year there is much excitement here at Chez Catie, with my first print release! That’s right, Let’s Dish comes out January 5th! So be looking for a chance to win your copy! Also coming to the website will be details on how to get your signed bookplate.  I’ll also be doing some signings after the first of the year, but only as time (and stem cell transplants) allow.

So stay tuned. I’ll be back, I swear!


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One response to “Holy Cow, It’s the Holidays!

  1. I had the same reaction: “What do you mean Christmas is in less than two weeks?”

    No candy in our house this year, no cookies, no traditional gingerbread house either. With my hubby’s new dietary restrictions, I’m having to go back to the drawing board for all my baking this year. (Although I plan to make a few things for the boys to take downstairs and hide.)

    Can’t wait for your first print release – you must be getting even more excited!