Truth Really Is Stranger Than Fiction

Yesterday, I went to the post office and the lady at the window told me to look out for eight buffalo. So I did the most logical thing in the world. I looked up.

Don’t ask me why I looked up for buffalo. I thought she was teasing. Like they had Santa’s sleigh with buffalo instead of reindeer or something. This is, after all, South Dakota. We have bison. But it wasn’t Santa’s sleigh she was referring to, but actual, honest-to-God buffalo.

A bunch had gotten out of a pen at the sale barn south of town, and wandered into a park and near a school. A school my children happen to attend. They were recommending that children not be allowed to walk to school in case they ran into bison on the street, but no one knew about it. My friend says she feels like mother of the year since she let her son walk to school yesterday. Apparently we’re supposed to be psychic to be good moms.

I know a lot of people consider where I live a one-horse town, but we’re generally a no-bison town. Well, except the heard north of here a ways. But basically, we’re all citified and would have no idea what to do if a buffalo was staring us down in the parking lot at work. Yep – one was close to us, too.

But a few buffalo are nothing compared to the deer who got trapped in the courtyard at the courthouse. Yep, I’m serious. I guess that was quite the deal, too. Our local paper declared the town “Wild Kingdom” after yesterday’s menagerie went through. Now that all’s said and done (with no humans harmed, though two deceased buffalo), we can sit back and laugh at the absurdity of it all.

To quote Soap Dish, why can’t I write shit like this?

So the next time you’re reading a book and think, “That’s too far fetched. That would never happen!”  Just remember eight not-so-tiny buffalo (and one deer) wandering through a small South Dakota town.  Truth really can be stranger than fiction.


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